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Airsoft Loadout ENG – WE L85 GBBR Gun Loadout 360° Full Setup Battlefield Edition

Airsoft Loadout ENG – WE L85 GBBR Gun Loadout 360° Full Setup Battlefield Edition

Hello YouTube, welcome for your new GunLoadout rendez-vous You are going to see my L85 and the equipements I put on it Like always, the table of contents to reach the part you’re looking for directly, or click on start As you can see, it’s a Battlefield edition This gun is one of my favorite weapon on the Battlefield game So I wished to use the BF background to honor them 🙂 I hope this new background will be pleasant for you, if it’s not the case, tell me and I will use the white background instead next time But if you prefer it, I will keep it because I love it personally I give it 3/5 for the reliability Because if you don’t fix some points before play with it, you will not play a long time About the cool down effect, 3/5 again because the main parts of the gun are in metal When it’s really cold like 0-5°C, this gun has some difficulties to be effective For the reactivity, 4/5 because a GBBR is always very responsive I remove one star because the bolt is really heavy and the bullpup conception add a little latency This gun is not lightweight, but as it’s a bullpup conception, the weight is perfectly distributed! 380$ is a little bit expensive considering bad points, and its age, but it’s a very good GBBR after all 4/5 for the V2 WE mag only If you have V1, drop them or fix them with my tutorial Each mag costs 38$, which is not really expensive for GBBR magazine, it’s because they’re really common now I use 4 to 6 mag during the day The handle of this gun is not really good, the foregrip is not really ergonomic It’s a right hand gun only, and it’s really not the quickest gun about reload time But as it’s a bullpup, the maniability is really good As all the weight is on the rear of the gun, it’s really easy to target quickly I use a 3pts sling And magpul for mags It costs 18$ I choose a Samoon 552 eotech It’s one of the best optic in kind of aim speed About the accuracy, it’s a little less good as a T1 because the dot is a little bigger than this one About the battery, it’s just two AA battery so it’s pretty good The recoil resistance is very good because it has been tested on real gun before To protect my eotech, I used a Guns Modify screen protection which is excellent, very transparent and no distortion It’s the best protection I tested, you can find the review on the description To install the eotech, I had to buy an adapter And of course, I removed front and rear sights For all these things, it’s near 120$ About Performance, for the moment I still use the stock hop-up and inner barrel I added a FG airsoft low flow system (20%) So now I’m at 330fps instead of 420fps With this configuration, I had about 50m range And the accuracy allows me to touch a body easily at this range But it’s limited by the stock hop-up So performance are amazing for only 6.

5$ The WE L85 has a bad reputation about the reliability First, I had to put some washers between the bolt and springs to avoid big damage on the bolt Indeed, springs are so hard that they can crunch into the bolt and rotate this one when it moves Washers are enough to avoid this problem For the cheek rest, just some glue or double face tape Same for the dust cover, one drop of glue on the spring to avoid the fall of this element The pistol grip has some lack so I just add a washer between the body and the grip It’s not really complexe but you have to use a dremel or something like that to adapt washers Otherwise, the price is really low, just some glue and washers For the video, no difference with my previous gun loadout.

I use a mobius scope cam with a 25mm lens (Zoom) Mounted on a picatinny mount for Mobius And linked to a battery case of 2300A in the front guard The quality is still nice and the battery allows me to record one full day without worry Moreover, it’s really easy to install, no modification are needed The price of all these elements is near 150$ You can find in the description all links about product described in this video And you can see my WE L85 playlist by clicking on the movie Don’t forget my previous gun loadout


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