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Airsoft Loadout ENG – GHK Steyr AUG GBBR Gun Loadout 360° Full Setup

Airsoft Loadout ENG – GHK Steyr AUG GBBR Gun Loadout 360° Full Setup

Hello everybody, it’s Vasriotaep, Welcome for this new gun loadout Today, let’s go for the Steyr AUG from GHK With all modifications I made on it I hope you will like it, if it’s the case, don’t forget to like, share or comment the video! That what make the channel alive, thank you in advance So what does this Steyr is made of I have to admit, it’s the most reliable GBBR I ever use It’s on my top 3 with the GHK G5 and the WE G39 There is nothing important to do on it, it’s playable directly after put it off the box As it’s a bullpup, the handle is really nice Everything fall directly under the hand, the front grip can be folded it’s cool I just regret the missing of bolt release, but it’s normal on this version The maniability is just crazy for a 20″ barrel size thank to the bullpup It’s really really amazing, it’s very user friendly And all of this despite its weight, not heavy but around 3kg empty It can be increase to 3.

4kg with accessories if you install them The price of this gun is around 400$ which is normal for this gun of GBBR Mags are standard, they can contain 40bbs if you force on the bb loader Mags are like the gun, very reliable, because all mags I have never leak and work very well They weight 500gr which is a little bit more heavy than classic mag It’s still more light than the G5 magazines I use Ultrair like always, dry gaz! The price of each mag is around 50$ It’s not cheap but for so good mag, it’s honest I use the native scope The zoom is not huge, around 2x Even it needs a special tool to adjust it, it’s a good scope To increase my aim capacity, I installed a Samoon’s side rail kit With a mini dot above it The dot you can see on this video is a cheap one This dot can’t manage the recoil, even if the Aug recoil is not very strong, it’s too strong for a cheap dot My advise is to invest on a good brand Anyway, thank to the mini dot, the aim speed can be very quick And the accuracy can be very good thank to the zoom of the scope It’s a polyvalente solution For the price, count around 100$ for the rail and for a not too cheap mini dot, even if I advise to take a real one I was a while a stock GBBR didn’t impress me so much This Steyr kicked my ass during the review you can find on my channel Absolutely stock, with a “correct” accuracy, I can reach a target at 70m Of course the power was too important and I had to made some adjustement on the hop-up I changed the hop-up rubber by a Maple leaf Macaron 50° I put obviously some teflon tape around it I didn’t change the barrel, still the stock one I just put some adhesive tape at the barrel extremity As the gun can bypass 450fps in summer, I change the stock nozzle by a adjustable one from FG Airsoft I adjusted it around 380fps With this configuration, I have a range of 60m with near 100% of chance to touch my target For the price of 10$ for the hop-up rubber and the FG Airsoft adjustable nozzle For the game record, I made a Camera loadout video few days ago, you can access to it by clicking on the i icon on the top right corner I use a Foxeer Legend 2 I use my own design of a picatinny rail mount, which is in sell on the Shapeaway website The image quality is really nice, perfect for a scope cam As the stock battery is not top, I add a power bank of 2300Mah And I put it on a lamp mount attached to my side rail kit I use the usb cable sold with the camera This camera is really simple to use because I only use one button And the scope cam with mount costs around 130$ This gun loadout is now over, you can see some related videos I hope you like it, see you soon, bybye


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