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Airsoft Loadout ENG – GHK G5 with SRU Bullpup kit GBBR Gun Loadout 360° Full Setup 2017

Airsoft Loadout ENG – GHK G5 with SRU Bullpup kit GBBR Gun Loadout 360° Full Setup 2017

Hello It’s Vasriotaep New video, new gun loadout, on my GHK G5 because it has lot of modifications since the previous gun loadout Take a look on the G5 specifications It’s a very reliable gun, the only problem is the lower resistance The ergonomy is very nice, more thank to the SRU kit Same for the maniability thank to the SRU kit The weight is a little bit heavier than the stock G5 because of the SRU kit but it’s still a light gun Of course, you have to invest 130$ in addition of the price of the GHK G5 I still use G5 mags, with a maximum of 40bbs capacity And they are still very reliable if you maintain them regularly Their main default is their weight, 580 is pretty heavy for a mag But it seems GHK are going to release new lighter mags I still use Ultrair it’s perfect, and each mag cost 45$ It’s not cheap but I already saw more expensive mag so it’s correct As I practice small games, 1 or 2h max per game, I only carry 3 mags with me, one with the gun and two on the belt I use a Eotech replica, the Samoon 552 I use a GunsModify lens protection on it I use this red dot because I search a quick aim speed, I mainly play at short range with this gun There is nothing better than a holo dot for that It’s really enough accurate for what I do, no problem The battery is really effective, I don’t change battery since I bought the gun few years ago It’s really impressive The recoil resistance is really good because since I have it, I used it on all my GBBR, and some have a very strong recoil The red dot still works as the first day The price of 85€ is totaly justify, it’s not a cheap red dot! About perf, I still use the stock inner barrel I just put some tape in front of the inner barrel as a barrel spacer I have changed the stock hop-up rubber by a Maple Leaf Macaron 50° It has very good performance I can touch near than 100% a humain size target at 50m The power is near 330fps, depending of the temperature of course The accuracy is very correct but not amazing, after 50m, it’s begining to be a little bit random The price, just one hop-up rubber, so about 10$ By using a SRU Bullpup kit change the kind of reliability improvement you can use By example, the recoil is really worst for the lower with the SRU kit It’s like if you use the G5 with the stock folded So I filled the rear of the lower with Epoxy glue to avoid the G5 sickness, the lower breaking And I showed you in a video how to cut the trigger bar to make the disassembly easier You can find the video by clicking on the ! logo on the top right corner Of course these modifications are simple and don’t cost anything For video, no revolution since the last G5 Gun loadout I have updated my camera loadout by changing my Mobius to a Foxeer Legend 2 I made a picatinny scope mount for this camera, available on Shapeaway website For extend the battery, like always, a 2300mah with a picatinny lamp mount The image quality is really good, no problem for a scope cam The stock battery is a little bit low It’s very simple to use, only two buttons Everything cost around 130$ This new gun loadout is now finished, I hope you like it, like always don’t hesitate to comment, share etc You can find related video here and a button to subscribe, it’s better 😉 See you soon for another video


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