Home Airsoft Loadouts Airsoft Loadout ENG – GHK G5 GBBR Gun Loadout 360° Full Setup

Airsoft Loadout ENG – GHK G5 GBBR Gun Loadout 360° Full Setup

Airsoft Loadout ENG – GHK G5 GBBR Gun Loadout 360° Full Setup

Hello everybody it’s Vasriotaep! Welcome on this new amazing video Because I think I’m the very first to do this kind of video, it’s a GUN LOADOUT With a 360° view on my favorite gun, the GHK G5 Through this video, I will show you strengths and weakness of my gun and what solutions I adopted to solve them I hope you will enjoy it, let’s go Frequently named as the best GBBR, the G5 don’t break with his reputation It’s very reliable, has a good compatibility with his AEG barrel It’s a light weigh gun and it is sold at a very good price! Magazine are reliable too, they can contain 40bbs and work even at very low temperature Two problems, it’s an heavy mag and it is very expensive As you can see, I added lot of grip on my G5 I added a PTK grip, it’s not a real one And below I added a VTS grip, very usefull for another kind of handle I added a BCM Grip mod 1, it’s one of the best pistol grip I ever found And of course, Magpul on my mags for a better reloading For the sight, I choose a simple and effective solution That’s why I added a Micro T1 from G&P With a killflash, not from G&P but FMA The G5 is a very good gun even with stock parts I just added a Tokyo Marui hop-up rubber I added some teflon tape around the rubber And added adhesive tape around the internal barrel to avoid lack The G5 is probably one of the most reliable GBBR who ever exist But I made few modification to improve it First I have disable the mag release because it was too easy to push it and mags fall every times I reduced the recoil with a small buffer behind the bolt And finally I added some black tape between the stock and the body of the gun because there is a small lack About the video recording, I found a smart solution There is a Mobius camera with a 25mm lens With a 3D printed picatinny mount I added an external battery (about 2300A) Fixed with velcro and double face adhesive tape Between them, a mini usb to usb reel It’s finish, I hope you enjoy the video You can find all products links on the video description You can see all my gameplay video by clicking on the link inside the video


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