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Airsoft: Loadout – Clay’s Loadout

Airsoft: Loadout – Clay’s Loadout

hey what is up guys clay here from the mario cast MC and today i am showcasing my airsoft loadout that you might have seen a little bit of and the previous airsoft video that we posted a week ago and i just want to show you what it is head to toe and basically how i Function around with it so let’s get right into it starting off with my head the first thing you were probably instantly noticed is the gopro strapped on to it now we don’t have any official mount for it right now we’re just using the little prong mount that default ly is stuck on to the GoPro that you would stick in a normal mount we plan on getting a GoPro night vision goggle mount from rain exploder hopefully soon but basically the GoPro we have is the original GoPro Hero waterproof up to a hundred 31 feet and it basically just gets the job done 1080p 30fps or 720p 60fps next thing you will probably see is the helmet I am wearing which is a warhead operator helmet and I got an OD green and it has some patch space on it on the back I have an elite ops patch that I actually got for free at a airsoft field near me called elite ops the next thing on my head is my goggles these are Lancer tactical full fov goggles they come in OD green now I do have a little fogging issues with them sometimes but an easy way to fix that is just cut I just kind of cut open the foam on the top and then just have air coming through there and I haven’t had any problems with it since then the next thing I have is a mesh mask and I don’t know what type it is I can’t remem oh I didn’t pay attention he didn’t say I got it from airsoft store called SS airsoft so I don’t know what it was I just picked it up off the shelf and got it and it’s an OD green as well next up we have the gloves I wear and these gloves are the VTech full finger armored gloves and I got them in black just kind of I just feel like it would fit my loadout better if I got them in black next thing up on the list is my chest rig now for this I just chose something that was pretty simple and lightweight and it is a condor outdoor recon chestrig and OD green and it has plenty of mac space for what I need it has up to six m4 mag holders it has four pistol holsters and it also has in the very in the center like in the back of the vest there’s two pouches but there’s really there’s one big pouch and there’s a smaller pouch inside of that pouch and then in this big pouch I just keep stuff like a dead rag anything else I might need in there that could just easily fit in there and not like slow me down and also on this chest rig it also has this quick release feature on the side in case like you need to get out of it quickly and it’s just basically let’s say you got stuck in a wreck or something like that you were wearing this you could just easily snap it off and then get out of the way and then it also has the buckle down at the bottom to completely get it off moving on down I have a pretty basic belt that I’m wearing just your standard ordinary bail nothing special about that but on the left side of it I have my dump pouch and I got an OD green I’m not again sure what the dump pouch was I got it from ss airsoft I didn’t pay any attention to what it said on it I just got it and this is really handy too when I need to unload a mag and I just stick it in there I didn’t do that in my last airsoft video because I actually didn’t have my belt with me I forgot it so I wasn’t able to wear my pouch but also if you notice on the side of it I have a team airsoft patch which is the other airsoft field I go to which I hope to get some footage of that field soon because it is really fun so yeah moving on to the right side of my belt I have a Shenton tactical drop leg holster I’m not sure if I pronounced that first word right but I have it in OT green I believe this is the only odd color it comes in and it’s kind of a velcro kind of drop leg holster and it’s a very basic how it sticks in there but it is pretty secure and it’s really comfortable too it’s kind of tight but that’s perfectly fine I don’t want it falling off or slipping down and or having my gun accidentally fall out or anything like that and yeah it’s pretty secure and I like it now to the fun stuff that you’ve probably really been wondering about is my gun what I got on it and all that fun stuff like what weapons I use on the field so first up we have my assault rifle AEG and it is a G&G combat machine cm16 raider and i got in short and i also got it in the color black because there’s not really any kind of desert tan area around me although I might change it up and put some tan on it I’m not really sure but yeah so the attachments I have on this bad boy is the matrix m/s 180 high speed QD mock silencer Special Forces Edition and it is a really nice barrel extension it makes a gun sound pretty cool and it makes it to where I don’t have to use that lame annoying looking orange tip on it just to make sure I don’t like get in trouble for anything I just cover it with a barrel sock so under the rail I have a pretty basic vertical foregrip I got it at Walmart I don’t exactly remember what it’s called I just know I got it from Walmart and then the same thing for the guns thing as well it’s a pretty basic gun sling that you see on any kind of maybe a hunting rifle I got that also from Walmart so nothing too special there now the hop-up on this gun is a dial so it’s pretty easy to turn I believe right makes it up left makes it go down and it’s kind of complicated to get into you have to like reach your fingers in there and pull it down it’s not like a lot of AG’s I’ve seen where you can just pull the charging handle back which actually has lutely no function now on this gun we’re something you can actually pull the charging handle back and actually accesses you to the hop-up this gun also has a very nice adjustable stock I believe it has six positions and I usually keep it around the third or fourth that’s the most comfortable for me and there’s the really small one which is maybe if you want to take it into a vehicle or maybe for some kind of CQB situation or if you’re just a really small person and you like the smallest setting because it’s the comfortable is for you and then you have the six position which is for the bigger people so yeah it’s pretty nice and pretty adjustable and that is basically it I do hope you guys enjoyed this airsoft loadout video Cody’s will be coming very soon probably after our next airsoft video which will be from his point of view if you want to see more airsoft videos please do leave a like comment and subscribe it helps us out a lot and lets us know if you want this kind of content or not we’d really do enjoy it so if you did enjoy please do leave a like comment and subscribe and I will see you guys next peace


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