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Airsoft Loadout B03 [ Loadout Video Series ] [Gear Overview] [Legendas PT]

Airsoft Loadout B03 [ Loadout Video Series ] [Gear Overview] [Legendas PT]

hi guys I’m Cossack b03 from [ __ ] the airsoft and this is my loadout okay starting with my primary this is a gng predator battleship gray edition from the back I have a VF CQRS stock it’s a very cool very modular stock does its job perfectly moving forward I have a mat my abs MacBook grip replica grip it’s a very very smooth very minimal very small sized grip it’s perfect for my hand size then I have a couple of replicas Ambus sites from Magpul one in front one in the back just as backup in case the main optic fails as the main optic I have a mo t2 replica it’s got a very very bright red dot perfect for daytime gameplay very nice and then as a flashlight I have an IDE evolution m95 one flashlight it’s got some pretty decent lumens it’s got a pretty good reach good a good flashlight for a nighttime gaming and then I have a mark suppressor just to hide the brights why the right yellow flash hider that we have to wear on their honor on our guns so that completes it on the on the lower side I have a tango Down shorty grip I remove the cap just to make it a bit a bit lower profile and it works for me and then I use better project PMAG magazines nope no problems no misfires no miss feeds just works fine and that’s my primary now as for helmets I’m using an optical replica helmet it’s the fast model very widespread very popular model this one is made from the it’s from Emerson the lid is Emerson and I have FMA rails they’re egregious to cut cut out all the or the Brom that the helmet has for the headset I have the ops man here more m32 H headset comes with with the rail Clips really really solid piece of get really really nice at said I’m loving it as far as an action cam on the front it’s got the inverted mount so it’s also lower profile you’re not banging your heads on doors and stuff like that got a got a couple of ie tags on both sides so that my teammates can ID me from a distance couple of red V lights in the back plus an extra lights also right on the top just to signal whenever The Witches will respond specially on nighttime games to power banks so you never run out of juice and you always captured that amazing gameplay every Sunday and course I have a custom set of foam pads on the inside I know if you guys can see that so well they’re a bit softer than the the normal kinds I find them a bit more comfortable for them for a longer gameplay time and as far as my helmet that’s pretty much it moving on to my plate carrier this is a dcs from warrior very very very high quality piece of kit it’s a it’s military grade hardware so you know it’s gonna last you the lifetime if needed it’s in coyote brown color so it matches all the other teammates of gear we decided for that color run a an elastic mag pouch on the front from eight fields I think this one is got an extra mag on the side on a standard moly pouch here then I have my backup pistol mag right there for easy access with my left hand when I’m transitioning to my secondary on this side I have my radio it’s a it’s an insect MT 50/50 headed for about seven years now it’s just flawless excellent radio got my speed loader right there for that quick reload mid-match works just fine too and then I have a couple of carabiners here one for electrical tape and that one forgives props anything you might want to hang in there there there for quick access moving on to the back I have a 1 liter hydration pouch from tasmanian tiger this little guy here then i have two grenade pouches just for quick access in case my buddies need to reach out to drill for a grenade or something like that and as far as the best goes that’s pretty much it i try to keep it simple low profile as just as standard as i can so it doesn’t drag on stuff when you’re just crossing over ledges and and crawling down in the ground i like to keep it as uh as simple as i can and that’s my plate carrier now moving down to the belt this is an 8 fields battle belt pretty standard issue belt it’s velcro and inside i use it in conjunction with a knee velcro belts keep everything in place so the pants don’t fall down under the weights starting with the rights I have a couple of replicas IR sticks and standard ones behind just for cosmetic reasons they’re not the real stuff I don’t need it then I have a Blackhawk Serpa holster it’s that my favorite kind of bowls are very very easy to index your weapon by the way while we’re at it as far as secondary goes I’m using a tokyo marui glock 17 Gen 3 very very reliable pistol it’s green gas-operated it just works moving on I have a little dump pouch here just for a for hydration I can keep a half a little water bottle in it when I fold it I have a Pentagon utility puncher there lets me mold enough ammo for 8 max 8 mid caps so I always rely on it then I have a foldable dump pouch right there I can now I can just unfold it and it carries a lot of stuff it’s a high volume bag if I need it and then lastly I have another admin pouch admin pouch they’re just for general use I carry tools extra batteries some rubber bands some electrical tape or other tools they’re just for anything that might happen and then lastly I have my trusty retention lanyard it’s from fly got the the the safety cutoff right there if I need it and extra carabiners here to hang off your gloves or anything you might need never never have never enough carabiners I think so that’s basically my belt loadout ok now moving out to the uniform I’m using an invader gear combat shirt in olive drab color it’s one of our alternative load outs that we use along with multicam for example or full green full OD load outs depending on on the the field gonna play out if it’s urban if it’s if it’s the woods we use different colors I chose invader like most of my other teammates because we really like that brand they have really good fabric it’s ripstop it’s thick it’s heavy-duty it just lasts forever it’s really really cool that’s all I have to say about it as far as gloves I like thin gloves some people like to have more protection I prefer to have some dexterity sensitivity so I’m running the the mechanics fast fits in coyote 10 it’s probably my third pair of these and I just love them I can’t move away I know there are better options out there but I just love these really really cool gloves all right now moving down with the uniform I’m using the flash force industries Gen 2 multicam combat uniform right now I’m just wearing the pants but I also have the combat shirt it’s my multicam watts I chose fast flash person industries because they’re very high quality brand they make very good reproduction of the christ’ stuff these are the cry AC replicas for example good fabric the stretch material is also standard stuff it’s good I’m using the emerson g3 air flex replica knee pads just to complete the look just for cosmetics the multicam pattern on the flash mercy industries is very accurate to the real stuff and I find it that it just works for me I’m happy with it and that’s about it as far as the the pants go ok lastly let’s talk about the boots I wear I went with the Isola fugitive GTX I rent with Solomon’s for years they’re fantastic but something about these sole is I find it even more comfortable and they just work I find them very good-looking they compliments the Lord out nice because some Special Forces team wear them so I find that they just look great with our load outs there are full waterproofs so they’re there a gore-tex lined on the inside so they oscillate the whole foot from water no matter how bad it is if it’s soaking wet if it’s a rainy day they’re lightweight they’re very rigid they have the the full sole protection they have this rigid platform to protect you against sun nails and roots and just pointy sharp objects that might puncture the sole and hurt your feet they have a rigid toe cap as well you can stand on it it will not flex and I love I really they’re the best woods I’ve ever bought and I really love them you sold a fugitive GTX all right so that was my loadout this is a new series of videos we’ll be doing just detailing the loadouts of each team member and our different alternative uniforms and so on I hope you enjoyed it so any questions you’re free to leave it down in the comment section below and you


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