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hi youtube this is ryan from DM NPK airsoft and i’m here to explain my load up to you guys so starting off with the camera we got legit army woodland camo it matches a lot of my terrain and i plan on and it is very light and comfortable to wear and then on the best i have a swiss ons vest I don’t have enough money to go buy like 110 dollar best I’m just kind of exaggerating there but this is holds a lot of stuff yet is very reliable so it got like 10 10 like three speed loaders in here and then I got about like seven pockets and then two in segments for really can warmers and stuff and then I have one pocket for my crosman p 33 11 air mag I’m co2 powered gun very good very good reliable backup pistol I use this in almost every one of my wars for just backups um yeah that’s pretty reliable just put this over here and then we have my favorite shot gun I’ve ever used the utg m3 multi shot shotgun this thing she’s really hot about 380 FPS point2 gram um it has a decent amount of weight to it pretty much steel and then other things are rubberized plastic and they feel it a nice and this is one of my favorite guns I’ve ever ever used so solid I’ve had this for a long time and it’s just a great all-around gun and up by the mask I have a just a random ebay uh-huh skull mask and it is pretty be a man it’s pretty ba and it’s a very reliable mask and this is with all my stuff this is how it looks like and


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