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hey guys I’m rich from air strike airsoft here again and I kind of was just digging through my closet I found all my airsoft stuff night though what the heck let’s just do a review on everything I have not everything but but well I’ll show you alright this is my first airsoft gun this is just some crappy spring pistol i got walmart back very crappy it holds well it’s like weird i lost magazines i can’t really show you guys use it on my m4 mags your high caps i hate high caps but every gun comes with them so you kind of have to deal with them these two are mid caps here’s my J&G m16a4 abs in review on that this is my Vietnam vest it’s got magnet belches I really like this one can hold a lot of magazines and Swilley lightweight but doesn’t give that much protection over here this is my Molly plate carrier some x OE tech and i got some pouches on there i also put that utility pouch on there but I don’t have that on right now over here are my batteries for my combat machine but my combat machine is in pieces right now so i will not do that over here is my mask i spray-painted it and here is my hydration carrier is just some cheap one I found it dicks because the ones for Molly vests are really expensive so I thought you know let’s just get this because this actually fits really well sis this and that is my hat I we’re on top of this he it comes with this cover and I took the cover off and I wear that so kind of like a survival Vietnam guy something like that things i do not have is my combat machine i think i have a couple more hi caps and also the battery for this and looks like that’s about it for this video hopefully we’ll be getting some more guns and still please tell us what you guys want to see reviews on and we will see if we can get some reviews on it I’m you from your strike airsoft


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