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what’s up youtubers this is my first video so don’t say anything I know you guys are gonna say oh you’re getting a little pampered little baby this is my money and I know you guys could say I’m a squeaker so shut up don’t be a anyways this is my airsoft Lord oh um I’ll explain what the stuff is I have and the price range so okay let’s start the first thing not a nice exactly sure it’s called but this is my yourself a helmet got it for about 20 bucks 25 bucks from see why me it’s really good helmet look it up on Amazon again my beretta 92fs of the spring powered pistol it hurts pretty bad when you get shot with it but yeah all are some guns do my free 1911 from hobby Tron um again I don’t all these two I don’t know what the FPS is on them so bear with me here these guns pretty hurt pretty bad pop up on this one’s kind of jacked up so I got to work with this one um oh yeah sorry but no price range but on the bread 90 92 FS is about 15 bucks and this was free so these are my weightlifting gloves I use them so I don’t just shot in the hand because that stings and I can’t fire for a while so yeah these are about 10 bucks um yeah my balaclava so it hurts less when I get shot in the face about eight dollars on amazon it’s really nice it’s mostly for small airsofters by the way the helmet is way too big on me so I need this to UM help me out we’re in it um my hydration unit I do not have it out right now and I don’t want to get it out so it’s 2.

5 and a hole and milliliters and leaders and it’s about 15 bucks i need like the matrix sde you sorry for the bad lighting by the way the matrix s to you it’s got three match make mac mag pouches um admin pouch built in um flashlight holder / grenade launcher holder grenade lon feet she’ll just basically another one I use this one for my flashlight anyway um detachable neck guard this part doesn’t come off though this whole part but this part that comes that part does um quick detach ball guard for all those airsofters you don’t want to get shot in the nuts um basically you could take this vest wear it and get shot by an l 96 and just feel just like a little tap so yeah it’s very great um these pauldrons they come with they make sure guess de you but I really don’t use them like these plugins will take an l 96 to and Phillip tap this is about 160 on amazon and about eighty dollars on evike so for those people who want to see the airsoft or die on me I’ll go ahead and do that so bear with me for a couple minutes for a couple seconds it’s all just quick detail quick detach and put on so you guys see pitch black for a little bit okay like I said I’m not getting out my hydration so doc crap like I said I’m not getting my hydration unit out so Rose me on this so this is my first like I said it’s better lighting self grenade launcher patches for the UM shells admin pouch yes I’m estan right now mag pouches quick detach velcro on amazing velcro patch by the way oh um water um what’s the call hydration pouch I’m back of clips for the pollen right here my gloves are still freaking amazing um freaking hit man right here Shogun but all seriousness um this whole load out cost me about 160 dollars so yeah just got fine art face those people call me a chicken for not shot in my face there you’ve seen it once in a lifetime so um but um comment rate subscribe well don’t really subscribe right now because I don’t know when my next video is comin out so but um by chance if you can find a AG a g36 m4 style under 300 FPS or around 300 FPS um leave a link on from the comments or name a gun so I can look it up because I am short of primary so like I said rate comment don’t subscribe because I don’t know what I’m can I do my next video so yeah laters


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