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just faster route what’s up operators drummer Jake here today I’m going to be talking about what Garen ormally run when I’m either operating cqb or field and what guns i like to use starting with my head and going down this is my emerson fast helmet p.

m. 8818 e I like this helmet because not only does it protect my dome from getting shot but it protects me from taking big falls I don’t run too many things on my helmet but what I do run is what I like to call a go bro it’s the same thing as a GoPro but it’s cheaper does the exact same thing that GoPro does my patches in my blue v light as far as face protection goes I have underneath my helmet a black skull balaclava a metal face mask that clips into my helmet and for eye protection I have a Lancer tactical see a 231 be safety goggles these goggles are awesome because they hardly ever fog up on me due to the frameless lens for chest protection I have a condor outdoor gunner light weight plate carrier it forms well to my body and it’s easy to adjust to the appropriate size another nice addition is the quick detached cord that disengages the whole unit from your body in case of an emergency or cleaning purposes or anything of the sort moving to the back of the plate carrier I have my pj to patch with reflectors so that my teammates can see me in darker areas of a field and my homemade medical kit that I keep stuff like band-aids aspirin gauze and some dental numbing pointman just in case someone gets the truth shot out my sling is a diamond tactical two point sling that I run through the shoulder pads of the plate carrier and through my drag handle to keep it from rubbing against my neck normally in the field I will have a small radio that I keep by my shoulder to communicate with my team as far as cqb goes I normally don’t run it just because if I need to communicate with someone I’ll just turn around and look at them or you will already have gone over plan of operation before the game mode starts going down my waist I have a condor battle belt along with Condor dump pouch for my magazine and miscellaneous things that I might find out on the field and a condor pistol holster for my BD use and knee pads I have a voodoo tactical long sleeve shirt the pants are desert camo that I found in a military surplus store as well as the kneepads the gloves that I am wearing our men’s outdoor tactical gloves with hard knuckles that I have cut the thumbs and first fingers off so that I can feel and handle my guns better my Footwear are just tan boots that I’ve had for a while I’m not quite sure about the brand because I’ve worn it for so long I’ve worn out the decal moving to my guns currently I’m using my friends scar-h with a red dot sight angle grip and a flashlight as a primary while my jg m4 is being fixed my second air gun is an elite force tactical a 1911 pistol this gun is probably my favorite gun because of the weight it has and the blowback action that it gives this guy also is very accurate anywhere at any time whether it’s cold or hot randi or dry this gun shoots the same no matter what the condition you can find almost everything you need to get into airsoft at airsoft GI if you enjoyed this video give it a like and don’t forget to for more gameplay tips and tricks and anything airsoft this is drummer j signing off yeah


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