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Airsoft Loadout!!

Airsoft Loadout!!

airsoft New York 101 here I’m doing my airsoft loadout okay starting from the top I have diamond tactical goggles just great protection for your eyes very strong when it comes to bb’s so these are great then I have my ghost mask from mw2 this this is made to protect my face and top my head oh my have just a regular black scarf to cover my neck you can call her mug I guess I mean it works the same way just you want the it’s cheaper and it you’ll have to order it it just works great to cover your neck and then I have a green Condor Molly tactical vest with black star or MC star double mag pouch right here is pistol mags I just use to hold in this one I have like a speed loader and in this one I use like an extra pack of like I just a little Ziploc baggie of bb’s and then these back pouches they hold m4 mags and AK mags m16 mags any of those and they work great I just use my m4 mags for my cybergun m4 I use those mags those midcap mags with mag poles and then I have a high cap mag on there on this bus works great it’s just a very simple vest probably 28 bucks it’s I got these little slots right here that you put your break here you have like these buttons and straps and you just button it on its really simple on works great there’s no velcro except on the back but here you can put patches it’s all belk right there those are just digital camo patches um for an undershirt to protect my arms I wear a regular under armour long sleeve shirt that works great and then I wear black sweatpants to protect my legs those are very good I usually have black gloves on I don’t have them on right now and this is just a very simple vest it’s got there it’s a very simple load on actually to just all stuff you can get at your house local stores you have to order anything except of course the mask the goggles and the best but I don’t have any other soft stuff except I’ll get like what I’m wearing now this is my main load Alex I usually play at nighttime so I want to be very dark and like tactical so no one can never see me so now i’m showing my gun this is the cybergun colt m4a1 full metal blowback right here when you pull your little lever back that comes down this is the blowback area so when you shoot that was back um just a regular high cap metal mag extendable stock and I have a holographic sight it’s got red and green sites in it so very good during the day night you really can’t see anybody but it’s pretty good i have a magpul usually that’s not on right now and it’s regular m16 site i’m going to buy a m4 site for it so i don’t really like the m16 site is too high and when I don’t have my m16 holder up here I don’t like it so this gun works great it’s definitely something you want you can get it off of airsoft megastore com they ship in 24 hours it’s pretty good um and something i’m going to add to my loadout is back here i’m going to get one of the single straps where you put around your neck and it’s got a hook right here you put it in here and your gun just hangs like this it’s more military like works great i don’t really like a like both of these to be used because it’s a lot of work and sometimes you can’t really adjust it very well and with this i can let it hang I don’t have to hold it out I need any of this so subscribe comment right I will do whatever you like


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