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Airsoft loadout

hey super come in here with another airsoft video it today it’s just gonna be on my loadout and what I’m I’m gonna bring this weekend I’m going to bring obviously my m9 gas blowback a great gun you should get it I got it off of a swap meet um great gun really I recommend it and then my um jg um I what’s it called jg m4s system by airsplat great gun also and then i will also be bringing my favorite sixty dollar item the one and only vest that I have so this vest is really great and what I’m going to bring is all three of my magazines I’m going to have that third one in the gun while I’m playing and then this one empty right here and then these two I put them in here right just for the video they’re in there and then I’m going to bring my m9 which is in here and you open this latch and then there’s your gun it’s pretty cool and then I put in hi mom clip for it up here you open that and then here’s your gas clip this is my favorite done oh not like this pistol is one of my favorite guns my favorite side on that I have right now and then um I’m going to be bringing my tactical knife I told you could put it on see it’s a go around vocals velcros velcro strap and then just pull it out when you’re ready pretty cool they let me just put that back in sheath just and like after you get someone with it put it back in really quick and then um you can easily buckle this like buckle all them together or zip them up everything and everything in this vest fits great and I just wanted to show you the Lord all want to get into deeper detail and here i will be carrying on a rag to say that i’m out and some extra bb’s maybe like a canister beat me it’s big enough to fit in there and then when i get the money i’m going to get three more mags and then bring that and then uh what else is there to this but i don’t know it’s just like a great load out i think because you got everything you need you got your primary your sidearm your clips I have three Clips around four and i’m very dependent on that oh yeah and i’m also gonna probably bring to the next war that I have another battery for this airsoft gun because it’s a 9.

6 mini tight so that means it won’t last every single clip you have maybe it won’t but maybe it will so I’ll just bring in another um I’ll bring a mini 8.4 if I can still fit in there I have to see you later but whatever and I think this is the only holdout i’m going to use unless i get a better side arm or a better gun i am going to get a dump out soon for it and yeah so please subscribe comment rate and don’t i don’t care if you rate or request but just please subscribe and comment i like to hear your feedback and I want you to subscribe if you subscribe I’m probably not gonna let you know on upcoming videos but i’ll try to get to everybody i can it’ll be a lot of work that’s why but um you know whatever plz subscribe plz and comment i like to hear your feedback really super commando


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