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Airsoft Loadout 2015

Airsoft Loadout 2015

hey guys see a broad 34 there’s some black on ourselves here and today I have my complete load out finally so yeah the last little bit we did was arctic foxes law out pretty bad but he’s moved on from that stuff so and this is my loadout 4 2015 all this stuff is from evike or walmart or other random places so yeah first I’m gonna start off with my head I have a just normal SWAT hat right here I have some peltor shotgunner low-profile ear protection / ear muffs whatever you want to call it then my matrix iron face masks and then uh I also have a goggle goggles they’re like GT airsoft goggles or something i don’t know i just got him off or something mask and then I’ve got my green shema right here and then moving down I have a matrix a Metal Gear series mess this is pretty cheap only 50 bucks as you can see I’ve got my four mags in these pouches really nice Pasha’s but I can’t take them off so that’s a minus I guess it’s relatively little profile so that’s why I got it but and I’ve got too many flags and I’ve got my radio in here on the back I have a where is it written everything somewhere on there I can’t see it but you guys can probably Simone take am a taco pouch I use it for my other bag but that’s in my where my stuff is so i didn’t put in there and a hydration pack the thing comes with but she’s as a backpack so that’s basically it for the back and then I don’t know if you can see very well but I have a leg ulcer right here and this little thing i just used to carry a bunch of random stuff in it and then the the pants I’m wearing RTMC cry replica ah once again pants with built-in uh knee pads can’t really show you but I can yes I can’t show you because you just saw so yeah pretty nice they breathe really well and so far they’ve been really good quality and my boots are some I don’t know a brand but they’re just camouflage boots so yeah this is my 2015 loadout uh gonna be getting more and also my gloves since I didn’t put them on these are some gloves from an army surplus store vol contacted earth yeah vulcan tactical ok gloves they’re only about 10 bucks so I gotta look at that and also my gun uh I took off the vertical grip and I just left the flashlight on here so yeah for the big game I’m going to be going or a game that’s gonna be happening this saturday I’m have known either berroco grip for that so yeah I’m just going to be using the rail covers and iron slates is my flashlight so uh yeah guys that is my complete 2015 loadout I’m going to be getting some more stuff soon and I’m gonna be doing probably uh maybe monthly updates for you guys a click a comment if you want those so yeah I also go check out airsoft orascom they’re my sponsor and they have a really good inventory of stuff so go check them out uh yeah and that’s basically it for what I have to say ah yeah late comment favorite and subscribe i’ll see you guys on the next video which will be hopefully soon since i haven’t uploaded anything in a long time so yeah bye guys


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