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earth can shake the sky come down the mountains all fall to the ground but i will feel none of these things a shelter middle on underneath you okay this is probably give me a tune in three part video so it’ll be more links on either side of the end of this video stay here first off you’re watching this obviously you’re an airsoft got that good oh first off you out if you don’t suspend if you want to kind of step up your game you should go online even get a new GV it’s rc-xd from you know cod if you have it or if you know that’s the game it’s pretty sweet you can go low more precise times and finding people if you’re trying to get somewhere fast okay forget to hide you place fast as a microphone as a camera on it right there and some real Turner so yeah you know just yeah wasn’t supposed to happen got your tattoo grenade pumped in comes out pops blow that thing open babies are still right there you know adjustable time don’t get one less you want shits and giggles your friends this one’s only ten dollars it’s better off if you get the 30 long because it’s better reusable and you can’t lose pieces too yeah throw the whole besides and you got here once you put you put today helps you reload faster use I caps grades don’t well that’s still great better reload it you got you got a sniper here with a one point sling so not go on this usually not very smart got extended standing the bull stock cheap kind of up and down bipod stands that got laser lights you know the whole whatever got your stroke for my authority zoom big stuff cookies color back here to make oscillators from black to red or black green ok a chai rail and it’s gold goodbye got notes picked heavy then we got for cqb our full roll safe in auto and semi safe mode oh you got a new tube on it but this is a short one open then you just pop it open listen your mood is and pop it open stick one in having trouble it’s like actually Wow there it doesn’t normally do that it’s just turn the rush and you just pop the change simple is 133 get your rail covers it has rosemary get into websites and put anything up here it’s sturdy take your battery in the custom buttstock here thats painted and everything great for people who want step up from spring guns really bad electric goes from like Walmart or whatever it ones online that good ones are around two hundred dollars maybe a hundred fifty people in the right places another one that you would connect to the bottom rail hop on that was about right this one goes breaks the barrel you take off the bottom rail section put this in it take this it’s right over the front of the barrel and you just clip it it does move you got the whole trigger and safety Jinzo raise more children plus the one that’s in there he also got here pulling in with laser all in a bat yeah full attach rush back to it that along there is no new to providing wonderful heavy when you have guns like that you’re going to need an emerald and you would want all them the more anyone who have the better off you would be the better all you are more or less likely to actually show someone at a Ford you got your 125 round low caps put 30 in it not good its speed loader it’s got five of those so right there is 625 rounds lab clips I got seven wine 350 realm bags not better by Friday seminole reason unknown from the closet over the years then I got my five-minute around extended it fold one to my friend named just go out leaving also sold in one of these it’s a a custom only painted box Marik has in some internal enhancements and it’s 5,000 is wine cellphone it says the side and a nice custom paint job super sculpt my god oh you always have safety then you got here he has an assistant want to go search it basically repeat you on the side with the battery through the sides with itself on the outside of surabaya so it’s easier to just recharge and take out there’s two in the PQ about that one it’s about that thing is 995 on their top [ __ ] sort my ipod your link this thing on it extends tracks cozy rubber a case to authorize the Hollanders put on here it all folds to I found this as a great thing after going to be all like submachine gun to being a sniper if that didn’t happen I will find out how to fix this later don’t judge me then if you go from if you want to go from all kill overkill everything’s going wrong you are get the m249 saw machine gun this I have upgraded to wait someone else upgrade the rest for me I brought it off for him it has its bullying attached by pod has a buttstock it’s auto and semi no semi-auto and save the barrel comes out the box- 2000 is harder wine wondering why it’s not their own Hawk gonna throw all that problem spur on auto I am going up to find out what happened to make that not work because that was a crucial thing here custom I put up button you push this it white wine and then I’m for your finger off goes off these mags will fit in that slot right there they do not stay in they will fall out if you get them on this bar Bob does extend there’s customers imagine one of these up here I filled hold measured in other things now I have an array system up there um my tryout on a cognitive HD camera oh we enter just that there is a 9.

6 volt battery in here that goes 5000mah that’s why this can be all like no keeping the enemies heads down we did make sure the magazine was now because we have large tvs in the wall and put holes in it like all this over here as shown on TV right there those are actually embedded in the wall as you saw in my phone not good yo dis could do some serious damage it’s you’re not wearing something to take we have ripped the box in half in 10 seconds with something that’s upstairs yeah we just went back in for 10 seconds non-stop


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