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hello youtube this is Spartan Smith commando and I haven’t done a video in a very long time so I’m gonna start uploading more videos here and there mostly about airsoft game plays I did purchase a capture card recently so I will be making a halo for machinima and possibly halo reach 12 so keep that in mind so today I’m going to show you my airsoft gear my new video 2 point 0 I made a first one about your back on a different bed that was my mom’s so yeah this is my new airsoft load up video first off the Thompson broke so I purchased HK m416 this is a pretty nice gun it’s a polymer it’s not full metal the full only full metal part here is the magazine and I forget what this is called in the barrel to the internals are full metal also it’s very nice it comes with a really crap battery but it’s like one of the nunchucks I’ll ones and you could fit a pretty large one in there next I have one of my mini pistols here uh some knockoff p9 it’s a spring so it’s not that good it could hold about 50 rounds maybe I it has decent range but not that much power I have a mask here for a digital loadout the goggles come out I mostly use just these the mask is just in case we do a CQC battle I got one bb’s in my mouth or anything I have a woodland hat here that I let my good friend an airsoft boot 56 borrow a lot for his woodland loadout I have craftsmen bb’s these are okay ones that I use sometimes over here i have my digital jacket and pants they’re a mess right now because yesterday we actually had a bit of a war then I have a digital backpack very nice and then I have my main loadout multicam a hat that they’re soft boo 56 about me thank you for that i watch i actually bought pets for this just recently and then I made a review on the ACU jacket the jacket for it I made that review a while ago so you can go look at that it’s a pretty nice jacket so this is most of my loadout right here and if you want to see more videos like this or more videos where I’m in battle I might buy a head cam and record some battle videos so that would be cool a shooting tests for this will be coming up and a CQC battle with this will be coming up so keep that in mind have a nice day I got that from FPSRussia it’s a pretty good saying but and have fun playing airsoft i’ll be back making more videos soon


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