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alright guys um hey I’m this day he moves if I video would say we got video I’m not load out this is just like my friend if you’re going out um it’s not for good near me all I say we’re like this is just a load out video I said was a boat on video yeah for my um oh yeah it’s just like a premature went out I mean I just turned into airsoft and this is what i have so far if you recommend anything that’d be awesome but first let’s start off with the gun is aching arms m4 a1 ultra great Palmer version and I have a custom-made or walnut I really custom made but like my sensor that I made I have a longer one it’s not in here when he goes out it goes like right here and it goes up like right here it actually works pretty well it doesn’t really silenced it but it’s ounces because it makes it like like a pretty lot of pop boys wear shoes so it has saw responses it yeah this is my primary villain primary I have way I start from the head and go down I just use a veil of my old baseball hat well I use different hats but on my on my own baseball hats but this one fits me the best because of my to your eyes from last year is they say face phantom mask part of the disc series i think um I’m not sure but yeah it’s pretty nice it’s nice and slim so you can you can get down so you can look down your sights my boy carrier is a holy text big off click here it’s actually pretty nice i got it off airsoft GI for like thirty eight dollars and then these is our double sized mag pouches for m4 m16 the i have six mags in here i have 5 100 or actually 60 vcaps at 550 round mid caps and then my one emergency i cast hi cap it’s a 300 round can with a gun I don’t like hi Cassie let the wind them but that’s just my personal preference hey um yeah I don’t have anything on the back of this I’m thinking about getting out hydration carrier in the back but I don’t know also if you guys would like to recommend me a like I’m looking for a Chester if it’s anything like 75 and 100 ten dollars if you see a nice one then ye own please tell me because I’m looking for one and yeah i’ll just use that sometimes I used to sometimes and yea is my belt it’s just a braver tactical belt I found on his plat for like seven dollars and then I found this poster that holds just about any pistols out of the desert eagle for six dollars a thing for your spot and type in pistol holster and it’ll have the extra mag pouch up in the front this is a holy tech oh yeah and by the way these are all these mag pouches are we tech in the mags they make apps are king arms this is it has a pouch and the reason we’re have it up here is because it flip it goes down over this so I put it on my belt it actually works out pretty nice these but if you’ve got a patch right here just take it over off and put a patch on there but also a really carries here and here’s from an extra battery and a the kwa speed loader this is a speed loader I would go just the extra few dollars is twenty bucks it’s actually works really really great it’s never jams I don’t know Jim ones and the plunger instead of it popping up and like breaking if you like land on it during a game as a little plunger right here so when you push it down it it doesn’t like pop up it just stays there like this but and then you have your little your little feeder and then here right there it holds the play l96 magazines holds this see you load it so you don’t lose you either put it right back in there oh yeah alright oltorf what I have my holster with my secondary this is a KWA ATP I got this on fire splat yeah it’s actually going to ask pistol pretty accurate very good range um just today the orange cap fell off it’s right here just slide back on but it just randomly fell off like it was really really tight before and like I couldn’t get it off I don’t even try I just like it i saw come loose and then I just like pulled it off and it came right off pretty nice but yeah get the kid in way ATP magazine he has holster hold about any gun and also has an extra mag pouch up in the front and I have a Glock 18 mag up here it’s it actually fits in here NE crois que teen or guac mag from KSC or kwa it fits in here this perfectly but I don’t think any other mags been dedicated to a TV and eggs and he hated you a tour casey ASC mags also I’m just wearing a very good bu pants I got these for twelve dollars they were used but they were gently used but I got a very good deal twelve dollars also this is it just a breather like tannish Oh t-shirt it has the American flag on the sign on the side is from a one of my our families friends he was in the army and like he got blown up by a landmine sorry that’s my dog um and he lost some limbs but he’s okay and yeah yeah that’s just [ __ ] concludes everything with this and if you guys want to wreck them yeah just like recommend stuff oh yeah and I have any boots I’m getting some in your future but if you guys want to recommend anything to me or something you know that is wrong just go ahead put it in the comments and I


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