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Airsoft loadout

this is what i use in airsoft wars right now currently um use our mossberg 590 airsoft shotgun I’ll be getting a talibah stuff um here’s a standard belt holder yepp YP 22 spring pistol two mags okay now I get into the mossberg it’s pump-action pb’s Fall Out magazine yeah beer easily okay there’s a safety switch cool grip do not I put water in there to make that look like water or air is coming out don’t do that a brexit and it actually rusted it but it still works going to get my leg don’t do it pump action I have a beer in there I’ll shoot it I’ll do I shall we test on that then p twice you get Dunham’s for thirty-five to forty dollars to 90th PS home pretty pretty good there it is metal slide off it man that’s hard to talk back with your seat silicone answer sign see there’s no boat babies in it yeah holster is talking about that you can put all see and just put it down there just fits perfect it wasn’t made for this I think was made for like GT or something that looks good then you can get connect it like that okay so we’ll pull up yeah new vision test on guns let’s see if these two guns mossberg first go home rest last ah pistol first let’s see if we’ll go through this paper first box let’s see hey let’s go Woonsocket artists like you guys look at this box first I get another piece of these so cool okay where you shoot up lay down hey sorry okay now just just watch nothing close three shots each this is my last shot let’s go all right this was the p22 some of them did go in just 23 the next we are going to do the husband okay must be good I’d had me meet you just do that this guy’s is very high-powered so watch out this study it fire it yep ly shot I don’t know what’s wrong gun right now if your nose wrong right Benjamin feast on comments or message me all right see we take this get those three closest was right there hello then I go pro and they did go through the other side there went to the other side that’s good yeah


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