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Airsoft Loadout

hey you two months of its calmly airsoft we can load out just regular loadout not sniper I don’t have to just regular load out and start off with my gun this is a crosman pulls are 7-1 you can pick this up at Walmart it’s a not a very good guy to put that way I have it I’ve had this for about two years back then I was in a serious airsoft if me and my friends just play because we thought was fun now we’re all serious airsofters this is a grip that I bought off of airsoft GI very good website to get your airsoft guns yeah but let’s crush my gun my secondary is the same as my sniper let out a cult 191 car ‘get also out of walmart super smart guys I’m getting most of my good gear around Christmas time that’s what i’m getting all my stuff right here spread the camera okay I saw the standard paintball mask in the back I’m a fat neck ketchup kind of gloves and I have a overalls this it in this pocket keeps eager learners this one’s where I keep the camera this one’s work you let this door don’t have a whole street so yeah trying to save anything else oh yeah standard what suits pickles up anywhere pretty much right ratchet do it i’ll be doing a review on the craftsman coat or 71 pre soon guys scratch it


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