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hey youtube it’s jamie from tuscaloosa jelly bean right bunny team thought i might do quick sort of kit review laid out they’re gonna call it for just refers to the edge to expel we are who we are that we do an airsoft team and based in love England yeah I apologize a lot my facebook Skinner a ask you a quick rundown like it on my glass my glasses are simple graphic glasses I used to play cricket too and they work pretty well for essence I’ve got those I’ve also got some clear body glasses four and ten peasants you want so good night well in really low level it’s in I just take my home I just read one how to know why I’ve got this article to be shown yeah but on the helmet I’ve written nka even it’s probably the wrong around over yeah I have invitation ESS goggles on 1h to thousands of which i squared town of GMP strobe well speedloader but it look is based on a strobe and it looks pretty decent safe for believe that the other side of moguls I’ve written a positive this helmet isn’t finished I’m planning on getting night vision and I’ve still waiting blogger is tough to put on there as you can see on my chest I’ve got a click Gary which does half task was not for one which was from a later theme day last year so I thought I’d keep that on there but I’ve got plenty of other packages which I’ve actually put in my left over there which is medic NK british black hair it bein bridge and run towards i’m a claymore patch which all get online multicam stuff which I’m not wearing cuz I couldn’t dig all out as you see quad mug patch on front with q Aries low cap fairground magazine I runs that around my cooler because they were run after at the time so i thought well i think at 10 for about 50 credits probably what 80s US dollars might be less i don’t know i don’t really know exchange rate I just guess that aim I really apologize my finger off bro hey there i usually characterized life and i also have my lighter I just carry like Alex making it has you never know when you’re gonna need it it Hill on my right side I have tape nothing on my left side at me now should be it’s more Matt patches and a joy and drop my book last for the lowdown ammo like here admin pouch with velcro on a steep markup end in the custom I perhaps a sonic boom pouches believe that right I have nothing on back my rig it’s just Molly and I kind of need to get some stuff under next time sewing simple not study and quite clearly see you get really need up this tube all right I usually just wear a simple undershirt the dog tags which haven’t been engraved anything aggrieved and then I wear my DPM trousers you just standard deals issue British trousers annoying my tongue deep which would British issue by now anymore multi comes in the draw I love the way shake I’m not gonna bother and I’ve got gas mask over here which a few of a proper respirator did get kind of shot yeah take that like shot and stuff so it’s bit crap that if you can’t seriously right there makes you can really see through that that’s proper respirator I’m not going to put it on his comeback right a more into the actual purpose of this video is really too say what we are and that’s what’s jelly bean as a casual airsoft team based in the north of England slave around doncaster not English a man’s feels that area ever heard of it we are would primarily play at Phoenix ass after we are planning trips around to different sites so Phi sports free fire zone and urban assault which is in Peterborough and we’re planning to go to national a softer than a steam in August which is massive event in northamptonshire know where I was born don’t live there anymore live in Doncaster push your old over Katya’s we live dead man will be on it probably won’t get proper look at it anyway but yeah yeah I think that’s about it we are recruiting so if you do know if you are up here and you want to sort of get into it then p.

m. or comment or ever and I try and get back to you but that’s pretty much it guys thumbs up subscribe and comment if you want see you around guys


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