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all right guys um I want to do a load out video i just started a soft about like last month so i don’t i’m very very long gear so i just want to show you all like what i have right now that i got when i go to war zone right now with right now just so when i get all my gear you can see how much i have improved okay I don’t have any camo yet so if i put this under my vest I wear this under my vest it’s just a normal tan dress up shirt well not really just dress up as like khaki type yeah then um here’s my diamond tactical vests oh yes right there diamond tactical okay I got my own my American flag patch guys please remember that I just I playing airsoft like last month is I just started so in my utility tight pouch thingy I have a pair of gloves which are just regular black gloves at grips but hold on with teeth with my dominant hand I hold on one second sorry about this my diamond it dominant hand I cut the fingertips off so it’s easier to work with with my guns but i kept the fingertips on on this side because i don’t really need to cut it off I needed to cut this also i like work with my clips and stuff on the field when i’m in the game okay so yeah that’s that then mi utility pouch i’ll also keep this little cheap ten dollar watch i’ll call this my airsoft watch yeah it’s like a little cheap watch I keep it in my pocket because I might forget sometimes and I got to a war so yeah just keep it in my pouch if you sit this down look in the pouches the pockets inside I usually wear this bucket hat with it which kind of a little bit goes with that just to look not too much but doesn’t really matter it depended on whether I want to be like um likes pet knives like terrorists or would be like the US Army if I want to be terrorists I’ll take this off and I would wear this was just like a regular face it like little ski mask thingy now wear that with that and ice just look like a terrorist I guess what everybody says um this best comes with three actually for um Matt pouches and this could fit m16 and for about Oh mags they can also fit um AK mags but it is a tight fit and it comes with one two three four five or mac or pistol mag pouches it comes out comes the holster and right here so i usually keep my walkie-talkie stop communicate with my other teammates just in case we’re far apart yeah that’s about it oh yeah it has all Molly attachments on the back okay and this is my first and only AEG right this second I just started last month this is a um this is a SEMA or cya if you can call it tatak enhanced version which is the CMO 28 a I think guest enhanced version this thing I’ll chrono des and it’s just about 380 to 395 FPS um I live in VA so I’m trying to go to Bala hak-su with this thing but I haven’t been yet I probably little next weekend it has the nice little grip right there Ras system rail or else so I can mount any accessories but I’m not going to really get too much into the gun cuz I’m probably will be making odd review on this gun so and it comes with this little cheap sling people say don’t use it but it I’ve used it in my first couple of wars and it hasn’t felt on me yet so you know it’s totally up to you whether you want to wear to not use it or not yeah and uh one more thing is it comes with a 600 round metal hi cap so that’s pretty good I’m planning on buying it uh um 150 roll make appt so I’ll have to keep a winding this day me every time yeah so that’s basically it oh wait wait a minute and for my on my feet I know you guys partner you gon be like oh no you’re not supposed to wear those or whatever but I wear these steel toe boots I don’t I didn’t I don’t get I didn’t get bodies I didn’t buy these these are my dad old my dad’s old work boots so it’s you know it’s just something to use for now I just started a lot but I just I don’t have as much gear as I have so actually it could be proud of what I have right now but yeah these are all steel toe boots as you can see from our last war kind of you but in the mud and stuff but yeah that’s why we’re my feet um I don’t have any um camo yet really as set for my best with the exception of my vest um I’m supposed to be going to get some either tomorrow or next weekend i don’t know i’m not sure but um yeah I’m gonna buy a camo pants woodland and wasn’t shirt you know yeah that’s it for like right now right this second that I’m need I probably won’t get like another AG I’m part of the m16 or m4 I’m not sure yet but yeah this is my airsoft loadout and I just started like last month I’ve only been a few Wars so it’s not like you know this is my final load out so on ya don’t forget to comment rate and subscribe and you can watch the unboxing of the seamless CMO 28 a on my channel also and that’s it don’t forget the cover and subscribe


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