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take my narrasoft on over here with a redo of my texts called load up video yeah so first thing we got here today is a full metal ak-47 text folding stock style like a 47 cybergun but you know Kalashnikov pull this down vertical grip f there’s my level except for stock folding grip so yeah hey guys next we got a 8.

4 stick type and cake style a foot foot volt 11 hundred million it’s a second go battery and for all you it’s a nickel I battery and this good is now take a lipo or live Holly or lithium if that’s another term for it I came over so you’re like all you’re just liable battery it’s not take that it has two beers steer metal shell gearbox shell so yeah flipchart taking like a kwa and using it okay okay next we got to this one came with it put the gun to aki cats and and style from fresh style waffle style icap 605 Hummer whatever it is wrong okay next I’ll talk about my universal more treasure I was supposed to tell you about this in my second video which is what I have they’re basically my hair soft stuff it’s a universal smart regular 47.

2 212 nickel my or my CD battery package for the nickel my ear though not why Polly you like a special note the life I ones you gotta know when to charge it perfectly and like how long the charger one not even with the smart charger so vex play you plug it into the wall with this tell you the girlfriend and you plug it in to the battery okay okay next we have matrix six millimeter point tool professional high grade toy doesn’t have a son five pounds it’s a lot it’ll let it like too much to make sense last August or September and I got my cutting last July so yeah okay next I got some jars these headphones with figure babies use them all of these where the walmart runs you can don’t get these fear guns I mean these my first peeps i forgot i mix them in with my big second point tool so yeah extra protection for a protection I got stuff paintball goggles I may get two new ones you should do a dirty I cleaned them really well there is foggy but oh man there’s basically no clogging your less effective next just some dessert full cielo just start with scientist Mary safety glutes those things and when it’s got on where my dog goes on next we got to audiovox walkie-talkies they got pushed up going to connect headset storm then yeah let’s see Oh next hi about a barrel extension for my AK it’s like 40 I’d say five six inches maybe let’s less than half a foot yeah it yeah it is okay that’s fair abstention because I got excited suck on my case so I don’t really use it i just kind of aim just kind of look like on the side of gunfire and i used white babies so i just fell the trailing in mount must of face protection oh yeah last a face protection it’s like a neoprene oh it’s like fabric e it’s great site for thermal warmth and more Dark Ages in the summer it’s just for warmth and protection it covers your ears mouth it can go up in here now shows but it covers most your nose so I’m just going to put it on you might not understand me i’m talking say and then you have to wear and you have to wear a hat and just figured out about this I totally just reversed it ok last you need some sort of tattoo beer with your loadout Thomas Felix propecia you need to check you with your load up if you go unless your pores crap like my father he just got a Walmart airsoft shot it’s actually pretty cool but I got a condo or outdoor chest rig it’s like so Chester oh whatever old skull fest it’s got being all over well crawl never flip this is 40 bucks okay holsters triple mag in vol two in each tremella can’t with these these these ones won’t set one basically kind of far described this was like yeah twenty bucks we got a utility pouch i put my side of my protection here my own stock though my songs what am i using it and yeah that should like call box so don’t make sure to check out by come check out my channel comment rate subscribe check out my brother’s channel feel like gaming legit game 69 and then check out my friends channel choking hazard he does animation like my brother India I say via the video he does video gaming hell and the gun does come with an 8.

4 all right just a trickle charger wall charger baby I recommend getting a sponsored or so comment rate subscribe see you later guys


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