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hello YouTube Watchers this is airsoft loadout party or 2012 it is crippled friend yes that is RSC graham cracker from a cop search oh oh oh man but uh they were going to show you some airsoft guns we have at RSC graham crackers house his name is Harley with hi Harley purple alright so first we have a shotgun it is exactly am-4 02 it’s an m4 90 shotgun sorry I like the real one it has three shells with it each one costs about 10 bucks right yeah yeah we have an electric electric a lock Drake coalition a coffee ak-47 kalashnikov okay for you said I got the shotgun from airsoft GI and give them good tips they’re good uh he says this UK arms [ __ ] hospital UK arms we have a marksman like a 40 it’s a point 45 caliber point for 25 caliber we have an mp5 mp5k sorry a dragon off kind of broken yeah uh we have a m4 wit ya we have an m4 rossman crosman and we also have my baby we have a water p99 from mw3 from mw3 crippled sr for the shakiness and then we have this case that i found in a basement oh yeah we can’t we can’t forget about the knife where’s my fit fit though Oh hold on triple friend s to get it 3400 see that’s how crap i buy it okay if I [ __ ] my desk yeah so crippled he couldn’t even see this gigantic thing but uh yeah so you have the shotgun we have the AK we have those two pistols we have the p99 we have the mp5k with the m4 and we have the dragunov that’s kind of broken uh we feedback in the bottom in the comments saying which you would rather have because you know that matters some people would like shotgun over the GDS dragon often also have too many are we close yeah too many are me too much iron alright rate comment subscribe peace say peace peace


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