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hello and welcome back to well airsoft that Smith is my airsoft loadout well some of it i’ll be showing you some of the other bits in a minute well I minute another video showing the hep gun [ __ ] slide cocking handle which can be used to use go hop up and the lever that I guess showed and I’ve got the collapse or slide on this version which is a pain the ass and I hate it i’m hoping to get one of the fixed Scott’s which i have used before I like them quite a bit um this is a full auto AG buy it ICS an mp5 i believe it’s get a 5 version sorry about the camera if it goes a bit off but you could scrap to my head I was just testing my head mount for this I have detached I have vm tactical stock and a rail mount on the top very good I’m not showing you anything here because I didn’t put the bug in magazine right place and that’s key to 150 round magazine but comes as scandic I’ve got two of them whole30 magazine loaded and about to England so in the chamber this is the tactical handle the handle grip this is two batteries I’ve got 28 point 4 volts 113 hunger mega amps and 111 hunger i believe for memory yeah i’m just going to switch over and get my sight singing Alaska’s come I’m blocking rod and see at the bottom i’m just using my phone lab as a app that skier kit for removing the tackle rail on the top and I’m showing you a bit better the unblocking rod nothing interesting well it’s a good pipe really no I’m just going to click over and show you the Sonics here’s my kobo site this is a particularly nice site it’s a 30 pounds from airsoft world I will link this all English scription and your limits comes in red and green sites and i also have gets a a [ __ ] site with a shiny front and which helps glazier that comes in also red and green I’ve actually missing one girl had catches what holds it on now here’s the safety aspect of airsoft this like a minimum you have some goggles goggles the boil or Bowl or whatever you want to call them some good safety specs I got them for the workshop but they work perfectly fine for airsoft we’re also recommend using a face mask as well or at least a hat or a balaclavas at work as well be quite tactical and showing you nothing now again Oh is one of the bb’s this gun shoots at flowing on 50p per second thing it is what it fires are you it’s a point to be be biodegradable Bulldog one matter particularly a little tickle interesting I really then why I’m doing here but um you know what I’m done anything all day now i’m just going to show you my well the second one’s going to show you it i was pulling the caps back on my site that’s i had some little lenses I’m will pull it back in its bag and probably shove it backing up thing longer and then I’m just going to let all my like back because I’m a bit of an orb oh here’s goes Bob Oh Bob a box for the thing is commenting on nice neat thing Thanks Klingon that sort of stuff now here’s key I think this is where I pick up on phone honestly I don’t know and yes I have a phone app the GoPro app the phone comes on Android iOS iOS ski android version for my samsung galaxy s4 mini and you can see i can press the call button i can turn it off see how much battery packs got left browse through the medium song it and set preferences anyway and I’ll see you at later date goodbye


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