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Airsoft loadout #1 (m4 moe)

Airsoft loadout #1 (m4 moe)

this is time and think on yourself and today we’re going to be looking at Miami forlorn up so starting with my gun it is the jejeje or 16 and will be it has a low former stock pistol grip I have the little vertical grip find a homemade silencer on here Hey ncstar 1 x 45 red dot because i like to brush and just you just need enough dick always all right and it’s got the blowback this is a 75 rubbermaid captain here next I have mine and I might add bernina flightcheck goggles but deep clear lenses and I’ve taken up the vent that’s what I did oh fun they’re really good and for a really long time to learn all messed up I’m gonna just have a normal hat just in here let me work and then I have a punching bag by one all right I had a babe I’m tech play career ends man for it’s a little different a triple mag pouch or around 4i carry three high camps in the bathroom three men and the side radio pouch that i don’t use any one extra I can’t want extra make it so that there was at that time mags so for my caps five red caps including on and done on their side I had its holster that don’t usually use my system down here cuz my normal holsters out my other rig get off my show you later and here i have my beats it could be master um desert warn your pistol it’s a 1911 single stack holds 15 rounds propane okay officially good he’s gotta jump blood poster alright on my back i got my gum pops right here ah fun really you wouldn’t doing it i’ll run it on the side right here I just have it there because it is i’m gonna rig I’ll usually take my camelbak turn on my shoulder este hide it i also have me a radio for old radio that usually who got right here with a headset but it’s not with me I know and that is basically my lord out um won’t I can be use both I can’t best proper the only thing a she ran down to stomp ouch usually have more but I’m kind of a little later out to the outside to my flank area so it’s easier flavor I’m not wearing my boots right now from updates like Goldwater and that’s it benin what up you by 83 tender soft subscribe comment be thumbs up oh and these are knock on door cutler no go books all right to it


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