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Airsoft Lightweight Loadout Guide – Shotgun Loadout – Jolly Roger Airsoft

Airsoft Lightweight Loadout Guide – Shotgun Loadout – Jolly Roger Airsoft

Jolly Roger airsoft would like to thank our partners airsoftpeak comm third love productions and the airsoft in Virginia Facebook page today I’m Jerry TV we go shotgun what is up guys no we’re from JA got your air sucked and today we were going to be going over another loadout guy this time for a shot gunner loadout in my hands here I have my utg tri shot shotgun it’s completely made out of plastic spring powered shotgun and shoots three babies at a time and it’s really a great gun I got this one for fifty dollars I believe in airsoft GI so it’s a good deal saw the deal for a very reliable backup gun so I highly recommend the spring shotgun for anyone who’s looking for that kind of backup gun and it’s you know nice to kind of change things up every once in a while and use spring shotgun adds a little more challenge and it’s just kind of cool so that’s why I like it today I decided to build a loadout around the be shot young passionate so there’s not a whole lot to talk about up here for a larger game I would generally recommend carrying a backpack of some sort like I have here just so you can carry any extra ammunition or stuff like that but I’m not wearing a chest rig or anything oh this loadout is actually almost exclusively on my belt which is nice because it just keeps the weight down especially on my chest I can run much faster well not much best but I can run around and not be encumbered by a chess trigger plate carrier stuff like that it’s all my belt you can do the same kind of thing with Alice gear or any other kind of lightweight gear but the key to this loader is minimizing the amount of weight you’re carrying if you’re going to be using a shotgun especially in a field situation you’re gonna be running around and yeah you want to be as light as possible you’re not gonna be carrying a lot of gear in your plate carrier you just need your shells somewhere to put your shells and any ammo or water or stuff like that so very simple loadout you know you kind of owe me for camouflage you can wear really whatever you want today I decided to go with my OD green jacket up top you can wear a t-shirt too it doesn’t really matter anything that really blends in or not it doesn’t like snapper Lodha so whatever you want to go with whatever is comfortable to you would be ideal here I also recommend gloves just because you’re gonna get shot probably a lot and hat head wear boonie covers are actually very good for this too just because they block your ears a little bit from the incoming bb’s that you’re going to so um yeah I highly recommend a boonie cover some kind of hat just because um but again this is all personal preference here nothing absolutely vital to the shotgun or lightweight load up your whatever makes you comfortable now you can see I have my shemagh here just to protect my neck and give me this you know the versatility of shemagh in the field which I really like having even on this loadout where it’s not a crucial fact feature I enjoy having that extra functionality so juice bowl we’ve already talked about the shotgun I have a sling on the shotgun this came with the shotgun and it broke but I tied it on so you know it’s nothing too fancy just a try shot shotgun these shells can carry up to thirty rounds which is ten shots so I have eight shells and that’s 80 shots which is more than enough for a shotgun you really only need three or four shells for a short game so that’s something to keep in mind your shells they’re cheap especially compared to other ammunition other magazines firm fours aks whatnot and uh the nice thing about the spring shotgun again why I really love it is because it’s a spring powered gun it’s a very reliable spring powered gun and you don’t need a battery you don’t need gas you can go out pump it and you’re good to go and these have actually been very very durable to us over the years we’ve been playing the petition elects have had one for a while now and it’s still working fine so these are very durable very good and they’re just they’re simple there’s no gas or batteries or other things that can go wrong they limit the amount of things that can go wrong it’s just a spring shotgun so that’s great I always have it on me just in case all my batteries crap out on me alright so this is the main part of the loadout what I have here on my belt area you can do the same thing on analysis rig or even a Molly battle belt if you so chose but I chose to do it here on my belt so I didn’t have to wear anything around me just cutting down on the excess stuff I have on its when I’m running around so start off here you could put a pistol I put my tomahawk cuz it’s my secondary weapon so you have a holster for a secondary weapon that would a excellent right about there be also I also my magazine pouch this can hold the shells that I need this is the dedicated shotgun shell pouch but you could also use a regular magazine pouch I’d recommend a closed top magazine pouch should work fine just something to hold your shotgun shells in nothing too crazy yeah but you really just need a simple ammunition holder and here is my dump pouch which I would use to put the empty shells in just so that I’m not trying to put them back in here pick them out I separate what I’ve used from what I haven’t used and that is really the main goal of this so it’s a very simple setup not a whole lot of gear I’m carrying around this is more than enough for me in the field now at an extended game you would probably run out of ammo you wouldn’t be too effective um but it gets you by if your gun went down or something happened you could defend yourself with your spring shotgun and that’s really the point of the spring shotgun in CQB you might want to do something else I don’t know but this would work fine for that as well just as long as you have somewhere to put the shells and somewhere to hold your a loaded shells that’s gonna end of course secondary weapon here you can also put your holster on your belt if you wanted to um but that’s really the options here it’s a very simple loadouts ramblin sir if you have any questions comments or concerns leave them in the comment section below don’t forget to drop us a like if you feel so inclined and yeah subscribe if you want to see some more of this stuff that’s all I got it’s been knowable he said guys it was good


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