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Airsoft Lasers! // AceTech Lighter, AT1000 Airsoft Tracer Unit and Chronograph Review


*Radio chatter* Reach: Have arrived on site November Uniform Tango Sierra. Ready to begin hostage-rescue. Shell: Excellent. Don’t forget to put on your eye protection. Reach: Ah…Almost forgot. Shell: That’s what I’m here for Those goggles make you look like Dennis Nedry from Jurassic Park Reach: Can it, Shell! Activating tracer unit… Shell: Try not to frag the hostage this time Reach: Oh god! I shot him in the face! I think he’s hurt. Jeez. I… I think I need to help him. Shell: Just shoot him! Man, check out that combat roll.Reach sure has a nice augmented posterior. Am I right, ladies? Reach: You all right? Ya hungry? Uh… I’m gonna find something to cut these ropes. Dark-Haired Vixen: Hey big guy, sun’s gettin’ real low! *choking and gagging* Dark-Haired Vixen: Go to sleep! Tracer units! The glowsticks of airsoft. For the uninitiated, a tracer unit is a mock suppressor that illuminates glow-in-the-dark BB’s, giving your gun the appearance of shooting tracer rounds in low-light areas. As a cyborg mercenary, I tend to operate in a lot of low-light environments. No attachment is better for murkin’ unsuspecting goons than an AceTech tracer unit.And after you’ve eliminated the opposition, you can head on down to the nearest underground neo-dubstep cyber club and fry your brain with the dirtiest royalty-free bass drops on the world wide web. HELL YEAH! AceTech was kind enough to send me review copies of four of their products. Another big brand partnership for Corporate means another step closer to gaining control of the global marketplace. The AT1000 is the standard ACE tech tracer unit.At 15.6 centimeters long, it’s stylized after a mid-sized rifle suppressor. With reverse 14 millimeter threads, it will fit on most AEG barrels. There’s also a heavy duty velcro carrying case for easy transport. This tracer takes four triple-A batteries which are installed by unscrewing the aluminum housing and pulling out the plastic unit inside. With batteries installed, it weighs around 200 grams. While it is heavier than a regular aluminum mock suppressor, it doesn’t add a ton of extra weight to the end of your gun. The tracer is activated and deactivated by pressing this button. It flashes green to show that it’s on. Something I love about AceTech tracers is that they come with an automatic shutoff. If you forget to turn it off (like I do with literally all of my red dot sights) it will turn itself off after
40 minutes to avoid burning all the juice in your batteries. Maybe you’re looking for something a bit more covert… Well, you’re in luck you deadly soldier of fortune! The AceTech Lighter is a smaller tracer unit made for handguns.At 10 centimeters long, it’s considerably shorter than the AT1000. Just like the AT1000, pressing this button will activate the unit. It flashes blue like a JJ Abrams film to indicate that it’s ready to shred. The unit has 14 millimeter negative threads but includes a removable 11 millimeter clockwise thread adapter. *aside* Ah, how thoughtful! This is great because 11 millimeter clockwise threads are more commonly found on airsoft handguns, but you can still use the unit on an AEG. The Lighter also features a rechargeable battery. By removing the plastic end cap you gain access to the micro USB charging port and charge indicator. The Lighter also includes a small micro USB cable so you don’t need to go and dig one up It took around an hour and a half for me to completely charge the unit, but it’s been about two weeks since then and it hasn’t needed to be plugged back in.One thing that I consider a bit of a downside is that tracer BBs are more expensive than typical white BBs. I picked up 2000 .20h Valken tactical tracer BBs which were right around $18, whereas I’d expect to pay around $10 for two thousand regular BBs of the same weight Also, the tracer unit will only work with tracer BBs. This is expected but it does mean that using a tracer is a two-part system. When you run out of tracer BBs, that’s it. The only other tactical disadvantage I can see is that tracer BBs could give away your position. Given the fact that they leave a streak of light in the darkness, an enemy might be able to figure out where you’re hiding. In low light, it’s basically a laser light show. The tracers don’t lose any light as they fly on their way to the target. I was easily tracking shots in the yard out to 150 feet in complete darkness. This is awesome because it means that you’ll be able to range enemies at nearly any distance in the dark. I took both of these units to a night game and was impressed by how bright they were and how easily I could track shots.I ran the Lighter on my P90 because the shorter muzzle made it a lot easier to get around corners. The Lighter is really impressive because it’s extremely small yet has the ability to completely illuminate shots at ridiculously
high RPS. Pumping my enemies full of plastic has never been easier. I was also surprised to find out that tracers work pretty well indoors. Sure, it doesn’t look like you’re launching lightsabers out of your gun, but the BBs are still bright and easily visible.I honestly found it kind of hard to criticize this thing too much. Do you absolutely need a tracer unit? No, probably not. But for indoor arenas and night games, it makes it easier to track shots and looks absolutely awesome. At the cost of a little extra weight on your gun and some overpriced BBs, you’re getting a really cool attachment that also serves a functional purpose. As part of our nefarious new partnership, AceTech sent me two of their chronographs. The AC5000 and the AC6000. The AC5000 is their less expensive model. It’s a small plastic chrono with a backlit LCD screen. It feels a little cheap but functions well with every gun I’ve used it with. The AC6000 is a bit larger with a wider diameter tube, better build quality, and an LED screen. Both units measure the velocity of your shots, the rate of fire, and the number of shots taken. They also determine the energy in joules and the energy per unit area.Both devices have an adjustment screen for different weights of BBs and customizable memory slots. You can also adjust the rate of fire setting and the velocity measurement unit. Both devices have an automatic power off and can be mounted on a camera tripod for easier use when standing. So here’s the set screen. This is the one that’s opens up. So you have your joules up here. That’s your power output. Joules over centimeter square. Then this one, this one right here underneath the battery sign. That is the set ammunition and diameter of the round that your that you’re shooting. That can be changed in the settings menu. that we’re going to get to. So, then you can also see here your rounds per second and your feet per second as well. Over here, this is the second one This is basically a different table for viewing stuff over time. So if you’re doing tech work, this will probably be the table that you’re going to look at.And over here is your menus So this is where you can change–as we just looked at on the last one–your weight… The weight of ammo that you’re using, the diameter (caliber). So we have this set four .2’s, .25’s, .32s. And then, you know, You have .45’s and .88’s for whatever frickin’ reason. Unit– this is–
again, you can change your in change this from rounds per second to per ounce per minute. Speed from feet per second to meters per second. Pretty simple. Automatic power off. You can go up here. This is how you change your…At what point it it turns off after being idle. So, I’m gonna set mine for five And then you can also connect this to a computer and run the power off of a USB cord. So, if you’re not using batteries or your batteries are low and you need to– and you want to connect it to a USB you can do that. There’s actually a port on the back that I’ll show you later. Then contrast. This is how you set the display… brightness so you can see it better. The benefit of having a chronograph cannot be understated.It’s great for figuring out exactly how much it sucks to be shot by your gun down to a four integer level. I like the fact that AceTech offers two differently priced models. If you’re a ref gun tech or field owner, the AC6000 is for you with its more robust construction and a better screen interface. If you’re a more casual player or don’t want to break the bank, the smaller AC5000 model is a good fit. I think the downside to these is that there is a learning curve to using them. The menus can be disorienting at first glance, though after some trial and error and referencing the manual, I was able to fully operate the chronos. Tracers are awesome. They look amazing at night and make it easier to eliminate your enemies under cover of darkness. On top of looking cool they make night ops a blast and are a great complement to any rave. And if you know me, you know I love a good psychedelic laser rave where I’m in constant danger of being struck with hundreds of small glowing spheres. AceTech chronographs are reliable convenient devices that come at varying price points.What can I say? I’m actually satisfied for once. A huge thank you to AceTech for letting me review their products. You can check out all of these items in the description below. Remember: Stay Corporate Approved, but don’t forget to get your freak on. Thanks for watching. Love you, baby. .


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