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airsoft knife kill? AIRSOFT TOMAHAWK KILL!

airsoft knife kill? AIRSOFT TOMAHAWK KILL!

oh yeah dude yeah he was like no no no don’t shoot I was like yeah yeah durka durka durka uh-huh what’s up guys Dallas 46 you’re watching entry here stuff hey wanted to do a little tutorial a little how-to little DIY do it yourself and how you can make your own airsoft safe foam tactical tomahawk kind of cool you know sent premise as using a rubber knife getting a knife killing airsoft airsoft you know closely follows video game trends and real-world tactical trends and you know one if you play the Medal of Honor line middle of one or two one and medal of honor warfighter that’s just came out instead of a knife kill when you come up close on somebody you’re hitting them with a tomahawk just cutting arms off it’s awesome man it’s degrading it’s a little demoralizing it’s pretty cool plus the freaking tomahawk I mean it’s just you know primitive just caveman wow it’s awesome so I made an airsoft version so i can do the same thing on the field now keep in mind you know you don’t want any weight to it you don’t want to hurt anybody obviously you know you don’t we’re not throwing this this is gonna be a handheld thing was talking to tap you know how to be cool looking on your gear whatever this one here is made added the closed cell padding little closed cell foam on top of the shaping kind of a hatchet tomahawk head on it’s a real lightweight aluminum plastic coated handle here you know wrap it up a little electrical tape up top hit it off a little flat black there you go this thing anyways I don’t know for we have four or five ounces real lightweight you know it’s got no weight to it but it’s tomahawk and it’s right yourself and it’s safe make your own let’s hit people with these I’m not really but you know just touch it ah come on kill I don’t I feel tomahawk yay Oh I I boy I you hey


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