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Airsoft Kill the Dictator

now if we look you one second Anna copy William Rallo thank you for to age 80 look zero for three more two more people are watching him out Oh Kelly weasel risk you already sell neighborhood watch that being me D Sam and Clint I can be on the same team everybody else works for the dictator so we’re not protecting the dictator so we are now protecting the dictator in fact we were trying to kill the dictator however dictator has heard wind of this and he and his cronies are going to try to evacuate to the safe house Helly when they’ll be safe hell yeah we can’t let that happen let me shoot the dictator we win never dictator get in the safe house or we all die dictator wins bombs over Baghdad baby Party UN sanctions dictate that we can’t attack you until you guys activate force against citizens freaking vote we’re pulling a vote over here all in favor of killing terrorists say aye all right hi wait what was it I yes yeah all right yeah I’ll cover oh you saw the gun get contact over here gun cocks over this track all the track that’s how awkward hold on my lesson sites not even off ready oh yeah I’m dead I’m dead nigga what’s your position nothing he goes get is radio on hold on I’m gonna check over here quit it darlin that’s right damn it now we’re switching sides and now there’s evac The Dictator to that building right there with the curtains all right so the exact same thing as last game except we’re switching sides only difference is is everyone gets one respawn except for the dictator when you when you die in respawn you go back touch the wall of your spawn side and then you get to respawn okay we’re still doing wending rules though so if you can hit the head body you’re out arm relax or take one more shot all right let’s do it the bad guy right there they flank around a chef corner quit let me out of here I think I stopped the leg went there the far back of the hallway really yeah it’s all I’m sneaking around okay take a little sneaker sneaking do you guys have eyes on them do you guys have eyes on them just killed one the back hallway take another one there I’m in the far right halls you I can see you guys are in front of me the by the UN trust by the UN drum those doctor using UN members of hostages cut that oh yeah down for the responding contacting the crate on the right guys kind of by the van in the center crate on the right in front of the tower I got rent rent is down well damn it quit we’re yet a guns gone the power is mine yeah Amerika Amerika yeah disco three two one go copy that so far they’re far right there far right on your side nico google hey Sam tell me okay we’re sticking together there’s one guy in the corner you’re shooting I’m making together stop that your only take attached to them I’m gonna move up I’m gonna move up Oh hooked up with my hair I’m moving up okay you got your job black hole but you guys are in the wet hole oh wait guys four in the back the end those cars there behind that uh the buildings in the back there just place it up move up move up you’re clear Oh Jen Jen we got on our left foot together off the left side has some guys in the left hole just hit them while talking here nice good job nice hey you want her you want to roll up to the middle hey your bracket shot all right thank you even the diesel other container you know he’s a pretty far across roll up yells whoa hey Victor Roper we should roll through this process why are they Sam here check this hold up I don’t know rejection you go hold this held this right I mean Claire gonna cut try to cut through the middle yeah you guys go or we just blocked in yes I’m saying let’s bust in oh okay that’s it all right we’re gonna roll I’ll get you guys covered where you guys moving they’re going up the middle I’m gonna try to cut through the middle here on our left side we take dictators gotta be in the building far right okay all right I’ll watch out for myself though treat point you’re gonna guide you love you son I’m gonna hit this wall is one guy entertainer on the left study published uncovered major contact these back left side guys contacts in the back left guys when you push up the right call get off you yeah Yuki I’m gonna look up hey go go yo I’m moving I’m moving all right stick with me I’m getting far right from the tunnels I don’t see anybody stairs taking fire that’s great though Thunder surrender radio we’re yeah gee he’s in the hallway right in front of you he’s across the way he’s got to take down I’ll move but that’s where he is right now okay let’s move to the back just move the back for me only for me head all right you got me news by now all right right around the corner here hey hey attaboy Jane respond we’re back straight across sweet little building fair back middle building go radio soft even back right in the hallway fuck it I’m out you’re dead man I’m out Thank You P Sam Oh Anya Samak Vidya he’s in that bar building at the middle Little Billy just pointed him out you know Oh everyone who is dead to clear out loud so I mean he doesn’t move he he watch off the rent watch out for Len Len is around here who knows with moving animal right oh let’s get the shit out of me stop damn it D I told you he is there thirty-second Brenda Brenda wonder predator you got it you got heat back there Oh we kill the entire team but we didn’t kill Jake like I seriously laughs weren’t you Jake you got me good in the window I saw you a little hint poking out next shiny the shipper view next times the terrace will die


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