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Airsoft JG Bar-10 and Well vsr-10 sniper rifles!

Airsoft JG Bar-10 and Well vsr-10 sniper rifles!

ok my name is Douglas Thompson and I’m an airsoft gun tech and to be looking at my my AK here yeah ok anyway this is going to be a review I guess a kind of a combination video or view comparison you know some things like that on the bottom here is a jg bar 10 which is a vsr-10 clone and on the top here is a well VSR 10 my first spring rifle that i got sort of got me into this which it was just a little while ago anyway I’m gonna start off get this one out of the way first and kind of save the the super super fancy gun for later this is a yeah the well VSR 10 some of the features are a plastic stock and it is ABS plastic when I when you get it i sanded it down because it was so I mean this is a some oil on it right now from when I just maintained it a lil while ago it’s not normally the shiny but it was crazy shiny when I first got it and it was horrible so I sanded it down I also did some stippling work on it see if you can kind of see as you can see a couple part site where I messed up a little bit but it it does his job like the pistol grip was very slippery so I change that she in some of the other things I’ve done to the rifle I mean it’s mostly stock but I’ve done modifications to it you can peel this butt pad off and it reveals a chunk of cinder block yeah what a wonderful addition to the rifle I had been sort of getting the rifle like quickly up to my shoulder and practicing shooting quick or whatever and I noticed there was a slight wobble inside the stock so I peeled it off like miss some glue holding this thing on but I peeled it off and I slid out this uh what what I believe to be something other than what it was saluted I was a chunk of cinder block it’s uh that’s fun hey it’s all wrapped in like paper like it’s a gift and there was no gift it was a disappointment anyway so the gun was crazy light after that and one of the things that this gun well I guess it’s crazy light stock wise like the stock not the fact that its stock but the plastic stock is very light without the weight in the back the receiver and barrel and stuff like that um it made the gun kind of front heavy when I remove that weight so what I did is I went on the home depot and got some some putty it’s like some hardening putty like it gets crazy warm i remember when i put it inside this gun as you can hear now is different solid chunk back there yeah well like when you put that that special putty in there it heats up the stock I thought it was gonna melt the stock I mean I was kind of worried it was it was kidding like like it would burn you to the touch like not burn you but you know you had to get Henwood get red you know my hand looks kind of red right now just because the flash but uh yeah so this is the scout version of the rifle so it’s very short this is also the scout version but it came with this suppressor which I will go over a little bit so the magazine release is nice on this gun it actually works really reliably and magazine that comes with the gun is relatively nice quality it’s a feel solid doesn’t feel like it’ll break anywhere it’s not the kind that are transparent so you can’t see the rounds like that you have left I like the transparent ones personally but it has a nice clicks into place nice stays put the trigger guard is plastic and I’ll get to that in a second here or something on that topic the the trigger unit is not stock it is a angel customs 90 degree alpha I think alpha pro trigger system like a hundred-dollar trigger assembly which does not work hey so you have to modify it to get it to work but it doesn’t the seer’s don’t lock up so like they should so on both of my units because I have that same unit both guns and so I don’t know what the hell they’re thinking releasing that shit and it doesn’t work but I guess they’re thinking the people that are that by it know how to work on these guns so I mean anyway I got it to work and it works great now next time I do disassembly of his gun I me I’ll show you what when I’m talking about it and how I did it if I get around to it but I’m just going to do a basic overview the gun shoots stock I think it shoots like 400 or something like that with some of the the simple modifications I’ve done to this gun I got it to shoot 430 I think for last time I chrono date for 30 or 40 so Mike that comes with a rail attachment that so you can attach your scopes and stuff and the hardware that comes with it is decent quality the receiver is not very decent quality and my I’m not sure what my phone my flash keeps on turning up but it’s very inconvenient yeah so the the hop-up adjustment is right here and it’s in a convenient location but it’s also a location where if you run around with it can get bumped and moved around it doesn’t there’s like a little detent that it will spring so it kind of clicks into place i go to you know it clicks and stays in place pretty well I’ve never had it come out and switch yourself on me the the the turtles are stock the piston is the stock plus pasta state a plastic piston the only thing I’ve done to it as I i sealed up some some holes in the piston and on the piston head portion and replaced it replace some things to make it a little bit louder and if you watch my last video of the the snow wolf m99 I mentioned that I like to let make my guns louder rather than quieter I think you just make some more fun to use because then you know other people can kind of find you and it’s I was exciting I like it this this tip right here is actually orange plastic as you can see it’s kind of the paint’s kind of wearing off so I painted it and stuff all ideas like put some tape around it and then spray paint it while it was on the gun because I couldn’t remove it without drilling out the pins and stuff I don’t want have to do that I don’t know if it’s threaded I’m assuming it’s not threaded because it’s plastic so I’m not gonna take the chance so I just left it on there and you can spray paint it you know it’s a it’s a blue barrel so if you want to get some spacers I believe actually not i’m not sure that these barrels are the same diameter but i’m not going to say it’s compatible with barrel spacers like the stock bull barrel barrel spacers but i will say you can make your own barrel spacers out of electrical tape ok so you can always get stabilized your barrel inner barrel is stock everything stock except for the trigger unit and some of the work I’ve done to it internally and externally let’s get this rifle out of the way though but this is the well vsr-10 I do like this rifle and I carry it with me as a backup because this one’s kind of higher performance and with higher performance things things tend to break I will reference my other gun on a few things the well vsr-10 for some of the features first of all let’s start with the optics here this is a vortex crossfire 124 times oom variable zoom scope and it is awesome it’s like a straight-up crosshair on it like nothing fancy the turrets are super crazy awesome you can adjust it the standard way with a screwdriver or whatever or with your hand you know I can count me times like where I was like oh man I wish I’d like got penny or something so I can adjust my scope you don’t need a penny all you need is fingers with this scope and it’s a small and has a lifetime guarantee unconditional transferable everything you don’t gotta sign up some online you know safeway card bullshit to make it activate or anything its active it you know you can I can throw this off a cliff you know then ever you knew I bought it from somewhere and they will uphold their lifetime warranty I can give this to someone I don’t know on the street they can break it and send it in and get a brand new one for the rest of their life so it is transferable this gun is like a hundred percent custom except for the stock the bolt handle the rail segment and the barrel everything else has been modified the bolt is a shs steel bolt it’s awesome i love it and the spring it inside is a lay lacks 1m 170 or I think it’s at called SS 170 I don’t know they have a bunch of different names for these things this will be the piston inside eventually i’m just i’m working on a little bit i’m having to glue this delrin ring on here because it kept on popping off and it didn’t fit inside the gun so I’m having to shave these rings down and do some work on it so that this will be in in the gun this also has the angel customs trigger unit the Alpha unit for vsr-10 s with the 90 degrees here as you can see from that cap it utilizes nine ninety degree C R which is all steel the triggers steel piston sear steal the trigger Sears steal everything steel except for the housing in the housing is cnc machined aluminum what else internally there’s a steel guide rod it’s a seven millimeter guide rod there is a steel piston stopper or was it called map isn’t supper I think this was called a stopper the thing that makes to where you can cock it and holds back you know and a steel angel customs modified cylinder head I had to dremel it and repolish it and bored out a little bit and but but it’s awesome super awesome there is a PDI hop-up chamber near the dual arm one like so if you you have a shot that curves to the left or to the right left or to the right or up or down or whatever you can adjust all that since there are two hopper farms there is a lone x 300 and 300 and three millimeter carbon steel tight bore three-point oh three inner barrel with two barrel spacers Oh rings on both the inside and the outside and then the i modified the inner barrel too it’s an AEG inner barrel but I modified it to have a bigger window for the bucking so I can make more adjustments all the screws that could be replaced with high-quality screws have been they suppressor here is a clockwise threaded and this actually came with a gun and it’s pinned on on both the the the front and the the base where the threaded portion is but the cool thing about it is you can drill it out as I did and you can fill this I’m gonna set you down here for a second I apologize yeah well I guess I screwed onto type but you can undo this and I I filled this a foam and it actually comes with a plastic core that’s been like kind of drilled to let the air escape and I’m going to blow through this so you can hear it he requires that’s what I was doing so it’s pretty damn quiet I will shoot it within without that suppressor to lay to rest that airsoft suppressors or silencers or whatever you want to call it don’t do anything of course there and they’re more or less talking about the hollow ones this does not just alter the tone and as I said before I like to make my guns louder so this gives me an option if I if I want to play sneaky I can do that you won’t be able to fucking hear where the hell I am with this on so actually I’m going to first cock it this is an M 170 spring in here so it’s a not the easiest gun to cock but it is doable on the shoulder maybe it’s because I’m stronger now from cocking all these guns but uh let me give you an example here let me get the magazine out sure there’s no ammo in it there’s no ammo in the magazine let’s cock this gun you can see if I can do this on camera ok I don’t know i’ll show you the reticle of the the scope here in a second this is very difficult with a yeah ok push it forward i’ll go over a couple more the upgrades here it’s like I just really wanted to get to this proportion this is without it pretty snappy let’s screw this baby on I’m excited to show you this am I go the wrong way yeah yeah i think i am going our way no I’m doing this left-handed so it’s really confusing to me okay that’s the right way and this is also a threaded cap that it not just threaded for the suppressor but it’s threaded onto the barrel so I can unscrew that and get like a different type of adapter to make it or it’ll take a sort of standard fourteen negative 40 millimeter threaded what evers okay lets you probably understand a word you said okay here we go again with the cocking hey I’m sorry that was a mad cam ring okay I got it yeah now I guess from the shooters perspective way quieter and with the magazine in covering up this this gaping hole right here it’s even quieter so this is a short little demonstration you probably can’t hear that much of a difference you can hear a PI difference in the in the tone but when you’re behind the rifle or in front of the rifle all you can hear is the this thing shoots 570 yes also you know obviously teflon tape the the head kicks aeg bucking now then I switch out the hop-up system this is also an angel customs a trigger guard it’s the m700 model if you’re questioning which one to get this is the the one to get and the screw hole is not the same size as the stop one unfortunately so I actually had to create my own diameter screw with a I just put it in a drill and shaved it away the file until is the right size file is a great thing to have if you’re going to work on your guns it is in all different size files that’s a huge file but the bastard cut file but yeah it is a great thing to have nothing in the stock enough enormous leave and yeah and this is an ncstar scope mount cantilever liat lever cantilever cantilever yeah I don’t know and the the rail that it comes with is action aluminum machined rail very nice quality but yeah so that’s a that’s my rifle these are my rifles there are many like this one except there aren’t because the components i have in there are one of a kind since i have modified almost everything in here ah yeah i’m very happy with this rifle the jg bar 10 is an awesome upgrade platform there’s no point getting the tokyo marui one because you know i know i know bunch of people they’re like oh yeah i got the tokyo marui one and then it didn’t tell me like you know what they’ve done to the rifle i’m like so you basically replaced everything that made it a tokyo marui rifle besides the stock will see you paid like what are they they cost of a $300 some like that or two hundred dollars two hundred fifty dollars some like that I know it’s twice if not more as much as this rifle yeah so they’re like you know got a new outer barrel i got a new a machined receiver I got a new uh you know bolt steel bolt handle I got a new you know the trigger guard a lot of the modifications I got to I got it you know it got a new pretty much everything and I’m like so you have a tokyo marui stock the plastic stock yeah and you paid 250 dollars for that stock and then threw away all the tokyo marui parts yeah good choice there so I don’t recommend getting the Tokyo ruby version this is clearly the winner in terms of affordability terms of a price to to what you’re getting ratio I love this rifle it is crazy awesome and I will not be selling this do not ask happy airsofting if you got any questions definitely feel free to ask them if you have any comments do the same I’m always enthusiastic about answering people’s questions and if you got some something that’s bothering you or something that you really like yeah shoot a comment on the video please like & subscribe the video and I hope you enjoy these videos I make for you guys again happy air shopping


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