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Airsoft Island VLOG2 – Croatia 2018


hey what’s up everybody it’s good to see you here so today I will trip to Croatia begins by ABBA they are almost there good job so we made it successful and the boat will see you on the island so we are finally here just take a look around chip stays here more than 200 steps to go so it’s almost 6 o’clock the ride took much longer than we expected but we are finally here so now I went now we need to set up our camp almost there smokers die first right come on we can do this just look at that that’s our place that’s where we’ll be staying for the next 2-3 days they just brought us some water which will be handy so guys our cam has been just set up and now we are gonna rest a little bit and play tomorrow and dinner is in one hour and also check this out dad’s nice no smoking allowed here put it down put it down insect say what about in no insect okay fair enough this idiot just mixed my money with his money and we don’t know how much we had so all the places there are full so we need to eat like this looks delicious we wanted to go up but the meetings gonna be soon so we need to stay a little bit longer so just so we receive the safety information I’m gonna probably be the team leader and now we need to pay our fees so guys we just our team meeting and the direction now we’re gonna get some sleep and tomorrow at 8:00 the game starts so see you guys in the morning hey what’s up guys so maybe you are wondering why it took me so long to upload in your video and the reason is that I was writing my master’s thesis so I don’t really have to turn to to do videos for you but I do now I hope you enjoyed the new episode from Croatia if you did hit the thumbs up subscribe and see you in the next one bye


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