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Airsoft ISLAND! – GBBR Gameplay Part 1


through the waves cut through me hypnotized by the sounds of breathing me the whole time chemicals collide hold tight hold tight nice make me what’s up everybody today we are playing on an island in Croatia which was formerly used as a submarine base the whole trip took like five days and it’s been a lot of fun but the amount of food each I recorded was huge so it took me a lot of time to put this together but then I’ve talking let’s get to the game our point man has spotted an enemy squad in front of us we spread to both sides so that they cannot surround us the vegetation is really dense so often the BBC won’t go through it’s also very hard to see the enemies too our trees branches and rocks everywhere so you need to be really careful where you put your feet the possibility that you twist your angle is quite high we managed to get through the first line and we are attacking the base camp which is completely controlled by the enemy I’m trying to keep their focus on me while the rest of us flank them from the right side I just got an information that my team has cleared the area so I can move forward we are successfully pushing them back taking control over the base camp we can now establish mobile respond here which will help us a lot de barranca vu w campus on a share of a cool bavaria campus owner chef Anthony since the area is clear now we continue towards the enemy base to steal game items and documents which they have captured already but we don’t have the exact position of the base the enemies have respond a few minutes ago and they are going after us since we are deep inside of their territory Donna Haru it’s too many of them and we couldn’t find our base so we retreat but on the way back we’ve been ambushed I rejoined my team just after they found one of the boxes we need to carry it all the way back to our base to get some points that’s our base right up there on the way back we encountered another group of enemies I decided to sneak up on them to provide time and cover for my team to allow them to deliver the package after I got the information that they arrived safely to our base I head back to rejoin them under the base there is an extensive network of underground tunnels we received an information that enemies are trying to use these tunnels to attack us however it’s already been cleaned by other group but I still want to show you guys how cool it is down there enjoy unfortunately the tunnels were empty already
but just imagine fighting someone maybe next time in the summer my babies are just not getting through and I got hit from my left well the game of the first day has ended here from me but there is still a lot of fun ahead we are on an island in Croatia after all thanks for watching guys and see you next time


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