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Airsoft ISLAND! – GBBR Gameplay Part 1

Airsoft ISLAND! – GBBR Gameplay Part 1

Hi! Today we play on an island in Croatia. which was previously used as a submarine base the whole trip lasted about 5 days and we had a lot of fun but a lot of shots the one I shot was huge so it took me a long time to put this video together Enough talk, it’s time to play! our scout saw an enemy group in front of us we will stretch on both sides so they can’t surround us the vegetation is really dense so often the balls do not pass through it is also very difficult to spot enemies there are trees, branches and stones everywhere so you have to be careful where you step The probability of spraining your ankle is high we got through the front line and we attack base camp which is completely controlled by the enemy I try to employ them meanwhile the others are attacking from the right I just got information that my team has cleared the area and I can go ahead we successfully push them back and we take control of the base camp we can set up a mobile corpse here which will help us a lot as the area is now clean we continue to the enemy base steal game items and documents which they have already managed to pick up but we do not know exactly where their base is located the enemies revived a few minutes ago and they’re after us because we are deep in their territory there are too many and we haven’t found their base so we’re withdrawing but on the way back we were attacked I join the team as soon as they find one of the boxes we have to bring her back to our base to get some points this is our base, right up there on the way back we met another group of enemies I decided to sneak up on the book to provide the team with cover and time so that they can deliver the consignment to the base then, after I received the information that they arrived safely at the base I’ll head back to join the book below the base is a huge network of tunnels we got the information that the enemy wants to use these tunnels to attack us however, another team has already cleaned them up but I still want to show you how great it is down there enjoy it! unfortunately the tunnels were empty but imagine what it would be like to fight someone there maybe next summer the balls just don’t get through and I get hit from the left the first day of the game ends here for me but we still have a lot of fun we are on an island in Croatia! and see you next time!


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