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Airsoft in the Dark – ICS UK1 CAPTAIN GAMEPLAY


Camo? ( Nope i am Civil team) ( I hit him but not sure he called it so just going around to get him once again) ( Here he is) Well done! (Counting the mandatory 30 seconds) And getting healed ( Luckily ) Sorry (Sorry for the preshoots and dirty playing) Out! Nice one! Player: Are you playing? Me: Not anymore (lol) We are red right? Captured! Time to defend the captured point (Zoom Replay) (Zoom Replay) (Zoom Replay) Going upstairs my eyes hurt with all the flashlights Go ahead gogogogo Sorry ( for the 2 shots instead of 1) Thanks sir ( Napkins for the foam on my google lens) Player: Missssed! Player: Are you hurt? Dude is not calling his hits but complaining about others not calling theirs. Angry player is angry lol I think i hit you first but i don’t care ( After watching it was the case, i usually suspect my accuracy more than player’s fair play ) Oh yeah maybe here ( Dump pouch ) He actually let me play afterwards. Some Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher to finish the day Did i hit you? No right? Player ( Clem BD ): Oh shit, i broke the door! Don’t , don’t , don’t take off the glasses! Player: But you are not with us.? I am! I am Civil as you can (not) see


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