Home Airsoft Loadouts AIRSOFT IN JAPAN (CAPSULE) | 日本のサバイバルゲーム (スペイン人にとって)

AIRSOFT IN JAPAN (CAPSULE) | 日本のサバイバルゲーム (スペイン人にとって)

AIRSOFT IN JAPAN (CAPSULE) | 日本のサバイバルゲーム (スペイン人にとって)

Hello, I’m in Tokyo for some days That’s why you didn’t have many videos on the channel This time I could play Airsoft here. It was amazing I’ll tell you everything on this video, I don’t know if it would be a long video But I really liked it, a very good experience Not the best game of my life, not the best field But the experience of playing with Japanese people.

.. I’ll tell you everything, you’ll see how I played, I had the GoPro But before I want to tell you abotu one person I like Japan, for many reasons not only the obvious And 2 years ago I was interested in a Japanese Airsoft Blog Called SG Fashion Snap, some of you will know the web Or maybe you’ve seen photos in Magazines such as 0’20 I was interested in the fact that it focus on the look of the airsoft players Not necessarily the best equiped ones, but those who “stand out of the crew” The other day I was talking this with Walon This idea, this concept, this way of working is awesome And well, before going to Japan I had the opportunity to get in contact with this person I showed him some videos of the channel, he liked it and he told me “Hey let’s take a beer when you come here”.

And that’s what I did This person is Yoshifumi Iida, but I call him Yoshi 7 a.m. here and Yoshi will pick me up in that corner there I dont’ know where we go, I guess it’s far because it’s very early And he’ll lend me all his gear, I just have my jacket, protection goggles and the drop pouch But this kid is more ready than me Seems he’s ready for baseball Good job kid Here he is Morning Yoshi is cool, I was taking dinner with him the other day to know each other better and so and it was really good He is very Japanese, but at the same time he’s not He’s like a very international person Making jokes with him and so, really nice (I could also meet Tatakae Piccholina, links on description below) (She’s very sweet, also has a cool custom P90) Is it recording? Understood Hello everyone from Spain, I’m Tatakae Piccholina I’m a Survival Game Idol And this is Japanese brand BBs, GALLOP I’m the model in the bag.

This is me And then, this is a Japanese Survival Game magazine, also military magazine I was in the cover, this is me Nice to meet you! Bye , bye Thank you so much Now we stopped here because I asked him to take another GoPro Just in case mine dies today, it could happen I think he’ll lend me a Tokyo Marui M4 And a Tokyo Marui Glock.

This is Japan, so Tokyo Marui I dont’ know where we going, we’ll see now We’ve arrived Good morning Dont’ expect the best field in the world, but I’m playing in Tokyo. What else? Now we’ll see how is it Good morning.

Nice to meet you This is Carlos, the Youtuber I came from Spain. Nice to meet you My level in Japanese language is medium. Medium a bit low Ok? Don’t expect me to talk with everyone in Japanese But I’ll try to talk something We just got inside the field, and the feeling is the same as in spanish Airsoft fields You get inside and see people getting ready, They check you to see who will they play with Well they look more at me because I’m a gaijin here Maybe it’s not the best Airsoft field in Japan, but let’s see how is it Yoshi will lend me his replica I’ll play with this guys Glock 17 Marui GBB I’ll put the goggles just in case someone is shooting Yoshi told me they are using Real-Cap or Hi-Cap mags here or that’s what I understood Seems they’re not doign well with the Mid-Caps, I don’t know why He’s asking now about the mags regulation, if we can use Mid-Cap or Hi-Cap I’m just getting everything like if it’s mine They use Mid-Caps, 60 BBs For the M4 I’m using this Mid-Cap, 60 and 120 BBs They are explaining that in this game can use only 1 replica So I’ll play with the M4 I’ll play with this 0’25g BBs, the weight I use normally But the replica is made for using 0’28g Yoshi says it’s not allowed to fire in the safe area, even without magazine We can load the mags, and now we’ll do the chrono test For now everything is same as in Spain Yoshi don’t have the ODIN Now they’re going to pay and do the chrono test There you have the japanese people They are not so different to us.

Just a more polite version of us He gave me this SG Fashion Snap flyer And today he’ll be taking photos I guess but… well yeah, some people looks cool but don’t expect an amamzing pro gear from today players here I’m taking an overall view, kind of casual, better for me I have my drop pouch And also the protection goggles, a normal hat and the GoPro That’s all I could bring here, I couldn’t take all the gear in the plane Is it ARES? This is Carlos.

I’m Kenta From the SpeedQB team. -Nice to meet you Many custom replicas, they make it CQB Many replicas with clipped barrel Short handguards, red dot in non cool but functional places This guy is perfect for Yoshi taking photos of him I paid 3000 yens (26’64 dollars aprox.

) 3000 yen, I’ll put here the conversion The game will be a team deathmatch first, the casual warm up game And then a 1v1, in which they’ll kick my ass This is his thing, taking photos Yoshi is the camera man but he has a gun just in case You never know if someone can get crazy Yoshi is cool, he’s like my senpai here Seems like they start late.

They are similar to us in this too You’ll see many people aiming like this, see that guy? With the stock over the shoulders I can tell they priorize in CQB mobility Then you’ll see many short replicas or rare stocks I guess some of you won’t like this in Spain but this is how they play here, that’s it Sweet Jesus They are calling the tournament matches If they say “yon jyu san”, that’s 43 This 2 are matched It’s me! Seems like those 2 teams are rivals And they’re matched in the tournamet That guy with the green cap, he was the winner the last time (This teams has Instagram, links on the description below) Shooting gallery, people testing Hop-Ups Good morning Your number? (I guess he was asking me about the BBs weight) It’s ok? Where do I put this? Here it’s ok Thank you So easy Hop-Up This replica is god I like it This guy will kick my ass later This starts now, I’ll follow the red ones I think I saw this field on videos before Mr Frogman in our team, so good I have to do a brofist with him So good.

Nice It’s important to warm up before start Always the same, the game starts when I tie the laces Let’s do this This is speedball guys, speedball CQB And that guy is using a NERF Touch here for respawn, everyone touches, japanese are honest I’m so sorry Let’s go! Let’s take that CQB It’s over It was really fast.

now let’s reload Not even 5 minutes, 2 minutes for reload and start again Changing respawn I’ll go with frogman Check out the Frogman rifle iron sights Let’s kick some asses That hurts man Learn from this master That guy is playing with a NERF for real Is there! Dude my hand, it hurts Again? Go ahead It hurts, they use primary replicas at 0 meters Sorry m8 Seems like you just shoot my finger at 0 meters dude? Damn My god the Japanese It’s over Gloves? -Nah, it’s ok.

-It hurts Is that a NERF gun?. -Yeah a NERF What? How you use this? What a disrespect using a NERF! He’s jocking This guy with the dual Colt is usign also a NERF gun Check the Japanese power on my hand at 0 meters This is the organization for this games, I don’t know if it’s a store This field is called SISTER Airsoft here is called Sabaibaru Geemu or Sabage We have a good team What a death squad we have here Let’s go! We have the boss here I got hit on the replica, I guess I’m out This is speedball, but they play a bit unfair I mean they don’t show up body when shooting You can see that guy, with the stock over the shoulder He’s not showing body, but you can that here I think he got hit They show up just a bit on the corners, this is how they play here My god, too fast it’s very hard, they don’t show up and they see get you instantly No more respawn I was the last man standing all the time Oh this is the wrong respawn! So dangerous You see? How they hold the stock You see how he’s holding the bolt action rifle? Bolt action CQB rifle They know this kidn of game Yoshi just told me he has gloves for me, he tells me now.

Look at my hand I playedd 4 or 5 games already and I have a first impression of this I guess this kind of game is not representative of the Airsoft in Japan But this kind of game is really different Really SpeedBall, but being patient and not loosing the line when you spot an enemy Is not a breaching CQB, but more like a campers CQB The way they use the stock and so, is very different But apart of this, the people and the ambience is same as in SPain This is the tournament chart, here I am My opponent is Kenken Who is Kenken?.

-He is in the game now Danger That’s my opponent, I’m fucked This area here is for the tournament One player placed here, the other in the other side The faster wins, it’s like a western duel Ok, the tournament was very well organised and with many referees A 1v1 very funny, but too fast at first I could contest on the first turns But it happened too fast and I couldn’t even stay correctly on my mark I steped on the line and I was out before starting Line out Nevermind, you’ll see the Japanese knew how to do it Salute please Line out Final rounds With shotgun He won again.

With the shotgun This dude. With shells on the head As I said it was an SpeedBall game and I don’t think this represents the Japanese Airsoft As you can imagine this is not my favorite game style But what I care is about the overall experience japan always brings me a lot I’m interested in its culture and the positive sinergy it could have with an Spanish person I specially care about the people’s behaviour And this time I could see how are the Japanese people in Airsoft Yoshi helped me a lot to make this happen He was a really close person and help me in everythign I need So thank you, and I hope to see him soon Feeling shy?.

Yes I’m shy I was talking with Yoshi, that the winner was a guy with a normal rifle No special stock and so, jsut a normal 416 I liked that the 2nd position guy was using a shotgun He almost won with a shotgun Yoshi let me here near home, an apartment in Tokyo It was an incredible experience See him working, the people playing See the players attitude was not different to the spanish Airsofters Well, no one complaining about anything today But, I liked so much the attitude, I felt home Look that car This is a posh area of Tokyo And you can see this cool cars As I was saying, I liked the players attitude I really felt like home specially when I just entered to the field and the people was getting ready I felt it very familiar to the Spanish fields I dont’ know what else to say, I enjoyed it a lot I didn’t do many frags, but I don’t care


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