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Airsoft – Impulse101 – SRU kit PDW-P3 pour Glock 17 Marui [Eng Sub]

Airsoft – Impulse101 – SRU kit PDW-P3 pour Glock 17 Marui [Eng Sub]

cool, a new parcel from Julien! what’s that ? nooo naah excellent! not at all! hi everyone, welcome to the Lair today we’ll talk about the PDW-P3 kit for Glock17 by SRU before starting I’d like to thank SRU as well as Julien and Kenji from Impulse101 web shop they sent me this SRU PDW-P3 kit as you may not have seen it in the intro, it is a kit designed to go along with a Marui Glock17 but I’ll test it with a WE model because I’ve got a WE right here SRU means Strike and Recon Union what’s that? well, they’re a Taiwanese company which issues special designed parts artists gather in a cabin well, better than a cabin really and they design things, mostly slides and stuff because they think that weapons also deserve some nice looking parts well, it always depends on your idea of nice looking you can see a few things they’ve released and there’s a prototype division which proposes 3D printed kits like this SP-PDW-P3 here this one is the black one it exists in 4 colours blue, black, tan and green it costs 12100yens on Impulse101 that’s about 98€ the pistol isn’t provided with the kit let’s discover what’s inside the box they say that 3D printed parts can’t stand temperatures above 55°C (131°F) don’t let it in your car in the middle of the Summer and they say to put the kit inside an anti-heating bag when it’s hot this is the installation manual I’ll do it for you in a few minutes the parts are in a foam protecting shell it shouldn’t be damaged during transport there’s the frame and a few accessories this is the inner trigger it is also 3D printed, notice the texture this small part will hold the mag catch spring here is the PDW kit a sticker tells you to be careful when tightening the screw well, many things to be cautious about with this 3D printed stuff! these constraints would probably not apply with a different material.

.. a label warns you about the fact that you could be hurt by the slide. on the other side are the means of contacting technical support here is the kit as you can notice, the light reflects in a weird way on the frame that’s because of the texture of the plastic it is often the case with 3D-printed parts some plastic wires are still here see here.

.. so don’t hesitate to clean the frame prior to install the internals some nice markings here here we can see that it is the Marui version do not cross, of course, otherwise you’ll break things 🙂 SRUNION here, so you can’t forget who built the kit with a side rail and a top rail so you’ll be able to mount any Picatinny accessory the trigger is here it will operate the inner trigger the mag well here the handle here, you’ll hold the PDW as a P90 (well my thumb wouldn’t enter^^) you can place your hand to the front, just be careful about not placing it in front of your barrel.

.. and as you could see, there’s a stock a folding stock, with an SRU marking this part locks the stock alongside the frame to fold the stock, press this button you can operate the PDW like this there’s a ring so you can attach a sling you can use para-cord or a carabiner another marking most of the time you’ll like or hate the design of this kit I think it is weird but at the same time not unpleasant it changes from classic designs it looks sturdy no wobble here if I force on the frame it almost doesn’t bend I don’t know if it is resistant, I’ll keep you informed if I break it it is really out of the ordinary let’s see how it looks with a slide attached as I said before, this is a Marui version, you can drop the internals and it works but here I’ve got a WE Gforce thing and I’d like to know if it works I’d say yes right away, but one never knows I’ve chosen this gun because I like the design of the slide it matches the design of the SRU frame so I take the slide apart put it here and voilà! ooops it doesn’t work like that, does it ? unfortunately not, you’ll have to strip the internals to put them inside the frame let’s do this what’s not compatible here is the mag catch because this WE uses a GEN4 frame and as Marui hasn’t produced GEN4 glocks yet, I need a GEN3 mag catch fortunately I have a spare one as you can see, it fits the frame I won’t need this mag catch here let’s remove the guts another screw here the rear pin the trigger pin, be careful it has a serrated side you’ll have to use them on the SRU frame I’ll do this on the box not to ruin my red sheet I also need to remove the slide lock push the spring and slide the part I should now be able to remove the guts you won’t need those parts I have everything I need here the two additional SRU parts, the mag catch, the internals, the screws, the pins I’ll start with the mag catch insert the spring then the small SRU part and now the mag catch it is a bit difficult behind a camera I’ll use a screwdriver to set the spring nice and easy now I need to replace the trigger there’s a small pin I don’t need the trigger any more, only the trigger bar I’ll start with inserting the pin from the thin side let me show you how it should be This is done this part will come here and be operated by the trigger of the kit now I can put the guts inside the frame the slide catch is the last thing I put, but the spring comes like this guys the trigger bar spring here it’ll catch the small thingy here next you can insert the trigger bar into the hammer housing take your time, one step at a time, take pictures if you need to watch tutorials on the Internet, when they exist I made one not long ago, use it just in case.

.. damn this f…g pigeon! not bad I’ll install the front screw to maintain the mechanism and the back screw too now the slide catch time to put the pins back so here I must align the frame, trigger and slide catch it’s ok for the trigger now the mag catch you may not see everything, it’s just common sense the rear pin now nice let me tighten the screws, not too much it looks good the slide lock wobbles a bit there’s more space than between the Marui frame and the internals let’s mount the slide, I hope I won’t take it in the face when I shoot the magazine is tightly locked here is how it looks now does it shoot ? the slide catch works mission accomplished it seems to hold the slide everything is functional and if I want to remove the slide easy I should be able to operate the gun like this no more gas.

.. not bad the trigger is quite binary there’s a short distance to the wall and then it triggers the hammer you can hear the trigger reset I like it it really looks aggressive I can also use the sound suppressor from WE I could use an RMR or a Docter sight here a flash light and here I come CQB ! A few mags and that’s it I’m done with mounting this SRU PDW-P3 kit for Marui G17 but as you can see, it works here with a WE gun it won’t work with Stark Arms models thanks again to Impulse101 and SRU they gave me this kit so I could show it to you guys 12100 Yens, that’s 98€ the only question you could ask is “Do I like this thing?” I won’t write a review about this kit because the internals are the ones of your own glock same for the shooting tests, the results will be the same as with your original gun only more precise due to the stock let’s finish with a flyby and some shooting images see you soon in the Lair xoxo


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