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Airsoft – Impulse101 – SRU BUP-P1 GBBR Mk16 Bullpup kit [ENG sub]

Airsoft – Impulse101 – SRU BUP-P1 GBBR Mk16 Bullpup kit [ENG sub]

cool, a parcel from Julien ! what’s that ? ooops, they did it again! Hi everyone, welcome to the Lair not long ago I showed you a first kit from SRU the PDW-P3 for Marui Glock17 SRU prototype division strikes again with a new kit for WE Mk16 GBBr the BUP-P1 thanks a lot to SRU and Impulse101 who provided the kit so I could show it to you this is the tan version it also exists in black, blue and olive drab here are the prices on Impulse101 web shop without Mk16 and with Mk16 included Impulse101 is the official dealer for France if you want to know more about SRU, please watch the PIP video you can watch it later if you want so, the Mk16 is the SCAR-L from FN Herstal but because of licence problems, we’re not supposed to talk about SCAR Airsoft is a business guys.

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This is the tan version, simply because the guy owning the replica has a tan BB-gun let’s open the box still the warning card the material they’ve used can’t stand temperatures higher than 55°C don’t store the kit in a warm place and use an anti-heating bag if you need to lust like groceries the installation instructions here simple as pie, drawings not much text only a few hints of course I’ll show you how to install this kit once again a well protected box nothing can move away and break, well, let’s hope so there are two main parts here very thick, very sturdy and a small sachet with other parts, let’s have a look it looks like this the two parts here will be stuck together here is the magazine well this is the cheek pad it’ll prevent your face from being hurt by the upper rail the part has been smoothed and those parts will operate the original trigger here is the trigger you can’t make mistakes, there’s only one way of assembling these parts there’s also a steel pin the trigger will slide inside the body this part will pull the inner trigger as I’ve said before, the parts are really thick to break this, you’ll have to deploy many efforts ! this is the butt plate prototype division markings the bottom has been smoothed too it is not the case of the rest it is really typical of 3D printing some people like that, some really hate the texture SRUnion marking and if you’re really dumb, they’ve put markings near the mag well massive ! the pistol grip is also sturdy this is the reference of the kit BUP probably means bullpup there’s much space than on the PDW kit, that’s good you can hold it like a P90 the design of the grip is nice your hands won’t slip it looks simpler to assemble than the PDW kit let’s say I can show this to you in less than 10 minutes let’s go here we are, this is a GBBR Mk16 from WE first thing to do is to remove the iron sights it’s been done already if you don’t know how to remove the front sight, look at my Mk17 review, the system is the same then I’ll remove the pistol grip I need the screw bin the grip ! now I’ll remove the take-down pin don’t forget to remove the small lock here I don’t need that any more then I’ll remove the stock be careful with the spring guide and buffer here it shouldn’t fly very far but we never know what could happen bin the stock ! I’ve got everything I need let’s assemble the trigger there’s only one way of doing this so you can’t make mistakes insert the trigger into the front part put the lower receiver back into the upper receiver and slide the front part of the kit on the lower rail you may have to use a rubber hammer here I don’t need to everything is in place I can insert the pin nice and easy ! a part is missing, here it is this is the correct way of mounting it let’s insert it inside the trigger guard there’s a slight problem here you can notice a piece of red tape here this is used by some teams to mark the different power categories here in France let me remove it I’m going to try again much better push on each side when I pull the front trigger, it operates the original trigger now I can install the cheek pad slide it front to back it’s better than putting your cheek against the rail then put the buffer back into the gun and slide the back part on the stock rails good everything is tight notice the profile here adjust the cheek pad until reaching the back of the stock they though about not clogging the sling attachments here the controls are still reachable don’t forget to mount the screw here don’t tighten too much let’s insert a mag and voilà ! A nice Bullpup it is far from light very massive but most of the weight is at the back of the gun so you won’t be unbalanced this comes against your shoulder the trigger action is not bad not much distance here a few millimetres trigger reset is short I think it is easy to double tap the safety works nothing wobbles, it is really nice the only thing that could prevent you from buying this kit is its look some people just hate it magpul-like mags fit properly reloading is easy from both sides about the sights now you can use your original sights but it won’t be very handy and most red dots will be too low so SRU issued a rail extension to raise your optics it is not in the original kit you can also use raised mounts like this one this could be used as props in a sci-fi movie I’m surprised by this SRU product it is easy to install, sturdy, gives a “bad ass” look to your gun the charging handle shouldn’t be a problem it stays away from your face it is not something I’d buy because I don’t like the Mk16 to begin with but it can give a second life to a BB-gun that you’d have forgotten in a closet this is extra-compact you can chose the colour of your kit even if Green and blue are quite odd the black one is classy ! if you think this is too short, add a barrel extension I agree that it loses the interest of having a very compact rifle but you can install a longer inner barrel it looks a bit like the long P90 from Marui it’s been the second SRU 3-D printed kit I have in hands you’ll like the design or you’ll hate it I find it quite interesting, this is massive it shouldn’t break if you fall with it I only ask for good adjustments, sturdiness and of course something fun to use I’m done with this kit see you soon in the Lair xoxo as you can see it fits the shoulder just raise the gun and shoot Reloading is fast and easy even with one hand not bad !


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