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Airsoft ICS DMR (designated marksman rifle) Gun Review….

Airsoft ICS DMR (designated marksman rifle) Gun Review….

hi guys my name is Calvin Lee airsoft and today we’re going to do a review on Connors custom DMR so what I’m going to do a first we’ll go through all the external parts on this DMR to start off with it is full metal it’s set from the start its polymer the base gun itself is an ICS m16 razz which means it comes with a raised rail so going into the part it’s a 16 inch for astrium ICS rail covers on it bipod which we can purchase from patrol base the work out about fixed about 25 pound fit pound we’ve got Magpul flat for grip up front the silencers are Swiss arms I would point to it but I can’t reach it they’ve got little flip up sights they are Aries flip up sights to the push up ones by hand the scope is a Bushnell 4 by 12 by 50 got colored rectals in it red or green move it onto the rear the stock games time to wit gun that’s pretty houses battery in this little compartment at the back so the kind of battery Conyers is it this is a comp our one it is a 7.

4 3300 mAh the thing is you’re going to need a large tamia because these guns come with large cameos large Tammy in the gun is fused itself because of the power that the gun needs so the fuel counterbalance is basically better for safety motor inside is a DMR is a low next high top motor which we are going to need for a DMR especially this gear box very thick being high talking in his remote with power and grunt behind it Connor runs G&P maximum the 120 rounds so obviously was mid caps but also uses high cap sometimes if he’s out in woodland which means you don’t have to go back and reload every second so let’s go have a look at the internal part so this weapon where the magic happens so we do is take out the real body pin now this is magic yes it’s just split gearbox so what you do is you pull out the top part oh that’s one then we can pull out the hop unit and barrel I’ll talk through all that in a minute so talking about the external parts in this weapon the gears are SHS I talk years so by releasing the tension on the Springs and gears you press this little button here which is known as your forward assist so this part here which houses your cylinder cylinder head and spring the spring is it SHS 150 spring with a one-piece cylinder head and cylinder so it all keeps the air tank keeps it locked all together so talking through the barrel and hop-up system this is a standard brass m16 barrel the reason being is because it’s self lubricating because it’s brass inside op unit has got a mad bull red-hot rubber in it it’s been our opt as well if you want to know more about add up and leave us a comment below I will get Conor on wait for you so the FPS on this rifle is a far far 5 FPS with a 2% FBS gap for our consistent so it’ll be far far seven not a lot of sights to accept deer mouse or please guys look into the sights itself see if they do accept DMR’s so what we’re going to go now is in the first one we’ll talk Footwear to find the rate of fire this weapon uses our fast you can pull trigger to DMR single-shot home so this mag is not loaded but always always safety first cause you never knew so well let you listen to the rifle itself this right rifle has been muffled so guys if you want to see this DM iron action there will be a link in the video to one our latest game players we’ve just been to so please don’t forget to Like share subscribe and if you’ve got any questions about this rifle please leave a comment below so guys until the next time my name is Kal from the esse peace out you


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