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Airsoft Hunger Games and CHEATER incident

Airsoft Hunger Games and CHEATER incident

Welcome everyone after a short holiday break. Scenario was based on the Hunger Games. We were divided into 6 man teams Each player at the start and after the respawn received an artifact. Team with the highest number of gathered artifacts won.

We could deposit captured artifacts at the horn of plenty. Each team started in the different location of the field, disarmed. We had to get to the horn of plenty to get our weapons. Our team name was ‘Hello IT’.

All of us wear geeky outfit. Each of us could carry just 3 artifacts therefore we had to visit horn of plenty from time to time. Incoming action. I’m not proud of my reaction, it should not happen no matters what.

Got to work on myself and chill, even if someone is not calling obvious hits. This is it. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe for more airsoft action and hit that like button down below. See you at the next one


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