so like you guys we constantly find ourselves in situations where there’s hostage being take in it there’s a knife to his neck and you got a quick-draw shoot the hostage taker in the head before he kills hostage so we decided you know what let’s practice that so that next time it happens we’re really good I’ve missed this we gotta four times I missed I feel too awesome every time yeah hostage taker than just a hostage okay Oh cram Oh big crimp all right so I’m currently taking hostage right now so one of you guys got a true who’s gonna save my life I didn’t make it over apparently not prepared at all I’m just myself walked through this house went on held a factory whoa easy buddy take it easy for the knife down deep do you trust me just take the shot man make your mama proud you shot an attorney when I’m like yeah they’re both that I both people boy decide like sick neck injuries sorry all right what’s happening here all right same T’s taken hostage by bad guy gene not again help me I would go to step 3 oh listen no problem game anytime anywhere I’ll save your life shot one shot never check for the parade I’ve never seen any hero cop to do that in real life and not even kill my brother I’m Childre Fred oh I don’t think I mean to kill you just see he took he took D hostage so uh never mind he deserted me AUSA’s just like you hold on man we can talk through this I’m not even armed it’s that backed up dang it shot wait you soon d you gotta save Sam okay I’ll save Sam Cindy whoa whoa whoa I know that guy just tried to shoot you in the head but I’m definitely not gonna do that right now I shot Sam right in the face Oh so much for that promotion D or in it’s now the hostage I’m the hostage listening brands a good friend of mine fit for the knife down right now technically Yeldon this is a roundabout at least got knifed a little bit you get one one shot one shot out of the arms of one house that’s tanker into the arms of another where’s the pail there’s nothing you pay me to make me not kill you we’re not gonna hit the hip shots do you not want to try you don’t get one you may have my neck but you don’t my hip I told you you never take them from me I’d honestly rather take myself but not hit anything at least a balloon pop yeah scary another extra series I’m a deputy US Marshal put the knife down I’m gonna play a friend just like a fillet some us Markham I am alright he was what happened I had a clown with a knife to my throat and thought really hard about casting a magic spell that split me the two images and so Niko – who disappeared right here and he looks behind him he goes takes a shot Oh him in the deck we tangled up I fell back my body you know me the worst right now is it Hitler hey wasn’t it enough I don’t think you should be hugging Hitler oh my god he pulled out a knife here’s the thing it’s okay everyone’s like worried Hitler’s Hitler’s got a knife that’s okay because I also have a knife as well Hitler it’s been 70 years you haven’t learned your lesson yet I won that fool on right off dude you have to sit up gets a little more World War 3 Jesus Christ so we get this Hitler off of me Hitler calm down okay I’m unarmed nothing for you oh you kill me I’m not I quit the force I’m done I can’t pay again I had too much I have too much blood on my hands then we turn in my badge and my knives Susan who’s gotta kill Hitler Hitler blond hair blue eyes it’s okay psyche dude don’t give him a haircut and kill him ja d progress of my life now I can go to sleep at night to Hiller a senator right by the Nazi Germany where he belongs is that what you go any die no papa I don’t know I put a big powerful laser there that it’s hurting them didn’t do anything I would be killed it well it’s done so it’s okay we’ve we got all of it that was so delayed nice tears get the gun all right


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