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Airsoft HK416-A5 GBB Gameplay [deutsch]

Airsoft HK416-A5 GBB Gameplay [deutsch]

Good morning guys, we’re back at The Hill The Hill 2.0 with a different set up this time I hope the video will be even better this time. I’m not alone here I’m here with the famous people of GSP Justin and Joschi are here as well So let’s rock the CQB Are you a VIP? Perfect, then follow us! Well just a second, I’m so exhausted.

First I’ll need a juice box Are you serious?! Perfect! The folder over there YES We have been playing a VIP game right now And I did good – we got one VIP After this the game was about 45 minutes long and now I’m absolutely sweating Now it’s lunch break and I’m going to eat a burger Yes man We’re going to defend the nurses’ home against team blue We don’t have a spawn as far as I know Let’s see with how many people they will come up to us We’ve got the advantage that we’re up on a hill, so we can put it down like this Hope to capture this well You’re both out right!? So another gameplay at The Hill is over I’ve got the feeling I’m getting fitter and fitter But that’s it for today.

I’m out, because my bus has arrived. So see you! Cheers, big ears!


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