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Airsoft Gun Review – KJW Sig P229 GBB

Airsoft Gun Review – KJW Sig P229 GBB

hey YouTube this is a great fire here again got another gun review for you this is the sig p220 9 it’s a license by kjw it’s a full metal gas blowback pistol it’s a semi-auto only I’d runs about 328 FPS no alterations just like the real pistol this one does not have a safety built into it it does have a slide release and a decocker but other than that it’s not much else to it it doesn’t have like I said it doesn’t have a safety there are no ambidextrous features on this pistol it is it is pretty heavy as I’m pretty sure you hearing it hitting the table here it is a very short pistol that has a relatively fat grip to it it’s um feels a little bit bigger in the hand then say like a nine-millimeter like a beretta or something it’s a little bit a little bit fat they’re the only polymer parts I’ve noticed on the gun itself is the grip on the pistol is a polymer but the lower is all metal now the slide release I should say the slide lock it’s located up here there we go it can be a bit cantankerous a little bit of a pain in the ass if you can see it I’m not sure because my camera screen here is just about whited out by the Sun this little gear right here if you can see it is actually how you adjust your hop-up so unlike other pistols there is no on the fly adjustment of this you have to break down your gun in the middle of play and adjust it put it back together and then you’re good to go putting it on assumably simpler than taking it off and there you go decocker I like the decocker on this pistol over say my USP because it fully D [ __ ] the hammer my USP will bring it to about right there and stop it and leaves a gap which can still I’ve noticed periodically slipping and go off but this one completely D [ __ ] when you pull it back if you have a BB like when you rack the slide if you have a BB inside it will eject the BB which in most cases if you’re trying to make your your pistol safe after playing it’s kind of the the best way to do it the mag according to evike is a 25 round mag this is not actually true it’s a 23 round mag there’s no actual way to fit that mini as they’re claiming it is but I think it’s since I mentioned their names yeah they like one 39.

99 for the pistol the mags are surprisingly inexpensive they’re twenty eight dollars apiece on Eva calm which is not where I actually got this I picked this up at a local field for about that much as far as the mags are concerned they do consume gas like I can’t really think of an example without offending everyone on the internet but you’ll get about a mag and a half worth the bb’s out of that before you reservoir is empty and that’s nice but it burns through guests so fast I actually had to go out and buy four more cans cuz we expended the to Justin you know test firing the pistol alrighty let’s load this up with some bb’s here which by the way counter to other guns that I’ve seen at least while this one doesn’t have a lock on its follower you actually fill the BBS right here and the base I’m not sure if you can see that right there right where this widens out so where you put the BBS in can be kind of a pain in the butt to load like that but whatever the feed lips are exposed quite drastically on this pistol but they do sell replacements for these if you should screw up and break one for I think it’s like $7 so it’s not bad maintenance wise so we’re gonna load it up real quick cut the bb’s loaded up and insert them in here sorry about the camera youtubers it’s kind of hard to shoot around it it’s got some serious kick for being such a small gun


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