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Airsoft Gun Review HFC Dark Hawk Gas Blowback Pistol

Airsoft Gun Review HFC Dark Hawk Gas Blowback Pistol

he do is going on crazy ends he met another gonna review if you guys I hope everybody wants the drawing number three for the airsoft giveaway contest last night mix maggots seven 180 SB mill nine gas blowback pistol so congratulations to him and thanks to everybody’s entered so far those of you who maybe have not entered go to my channel click on the playlist there’s a contest playlist let’s go to all the videos in the contest so far and tell you everything you need to know about how to enter we got plenty of time the entry deadline is forty-eight thousand subscribers so you got plenty of time to get your entry in and get in on the contest because the big prizes are coming soon so anyways and then of course thanks to everybody’s been coming over to milspec airsoft calm it has been insane with holiday buying I don’t know how he did it we packed up about 70 orders this morning so that was pretty good for two people packing I appreciate everybody’s business we’re getting them out as quick as we can and like I said I appreciate your business also come over to airsoft answers.

com if you’ve got questions you need to get answered this is the only dedicated airsoft questionnaire site on line now this video here as you can tell it is indeed the HFC dark heart gas blowback pistol and this is for all you kids that say I want a full metal gun cuz this is that baby Hajin see it comes with a nice little carrying case which actually does hold the gun well if you saw my HFC t77 video you’ll know what that gun moves around pretty much in that case but this one’s the right size holds the gun secure and it’s a you know it’s a cool little deal so anyways like I said for all you kids they’re gonna have a full metal gun while this is a damn full metal pistol and then after you get this you gotta be you gotta get it you gotta go had a well in full barrel gun it’s too heavy so anyways the dark hawk yeah it gets a little speed loader thing gets a little hidden manual on there you gotta lift off the secret have to find them using manual little tack a baby’s got all these stuff you need to get going this dark hawk he’s been around for a while and this is a great little pistol I know a lot of people have these are really reliable it’s a cheap pistol obviously you go over to milspec a shop comm check out the price but they just seem fairly solid now like I said this is indeed it’s a full metal frame metal slide metal magazine weighs two point six pounds it’s it’s a beastly little pistol hi personally I’d rather have the the ABS the polymer the plastic whatever the hell you want to call it I’d rather have that frame than this metal one because this thing is heavy but like I said it’s pretty well constructed green gas-powered or propane whatever you want to run it in just blow it on at this price you can afford to blow it off babies like I said this one does not have some of them have the the etching here on the slide it says dark hawk this is the cheaper model that does not have that on there and then of course if you’re wondering why I did not pull the consumer warning off because damping wouldn’t come up and I didn’t feel like sitting there trying to get it off all day so this you’re gonna definitely have to take a little solvent to get that thing off because it is glued on so other than that you’re basically a split back pistol got a 25 round metal magazine like I said it is indeed blowback I think there’s a little gas left in it so it does have some blowback action pretty nice action at that it does have any plastic out of barrel metal in the barrel the orange tip here is not threaded appears it’ll come off very easily if you know what I mean get the sights on it let’s get the white painted sites which are looks like they were done by somebody at drank a little too much coffee because they kind of got it all over the place I guess they give them young kids over there Taiwan too much coffee but other like I said for the price you can’t complain about this this gun it’s a really decent gun shoots about 300 FPS you know effective range 60 70 feet mature it’ll reach out about a hundred feet but when you talk to an accuracy you talked in 50 60 70 feet but like I said it’s decent gun I did try the the magazine’s look almost identical to the army are 17 mags but the army are 17 mag will not fit this gun unfortunately so because I haven’t seen I don’t see a lot of these on too many websites and I couldn’t get spare mags for them but it feels like maybe with a little work that that r17 magnet feels like it’s just a little wide might fit but anyways they don’t fit but this Marek solid I like these two with the cover on the valve you know especially if you if you’re doing some you know you’re gonna in a heavy CQB fight with your pistol and you just like you you’re ejecting your mags out on the ground I like to have that plastic thing there to keep the dirt out take a beat you know break before anything else does so those are cool I wish all gasp blowbacks had that like said there’s nothing worse and you go to fill it back up and your fill valves all packed with dirt so that’s a pretty cool feature break down these is real easy just take your magazine out pull these two things down right here comes right apart it was nicely greased oh you know it’s all zinc interior on it but all-in-all doesn’t look too too bad I don’t see any major I don’t see any major faux pas on the build of it the nozzle is a little the nozzle is a little rickety on this thing I can see it breaking fairly quick if you use an abuse this pistol pretty good but I’m at the internals are pretty decent does have adjustable hop-up goes right back together just like that really easy to take down really easy to maintain a little weird with the safety underneath ya know can you see pulling out a whole circuit well wait wait I gotta get my safety where is it there it has get my finger okay now I could to you know that’s a one of the things I didn’t like about is that stupid safety under there yeah draw it out oh wait wait gotta get my fingernail up my safety hang on dude okay now I’m ready so go a little rail on the front you want to put a light on it or whatever like that cool little pistol if you’re in the market for cheap gas blowback pistols like I said these have been really reliable I have a couple friends that had these and they put a couple years or you saw them without any problem so you know Lex had good price piece of looking pistol gas blowback crazy NC mayor Mills back here so I pick one up let’s do a little chrono I’m not gonna do a shooting test because it is absolutely freezing outside out where I shoot it out in the garage it’s freezing out there so we’re gonna do a quick chrono in here and that’ll be it for the old HFC dot-com okay I’m gonna crawl all the old cheap chrono here now you’re going to set it up this time


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