Home Airsoft Cheaters Airsoft gun review : Cybergun Galil SAR (Compact) Folding stock

Airsoft gun review : Cybergun Galil SAR (Compact) Folding stock

Airsoft gun review : Cybergun Galil SAR (Compact) Folding stock

hello and welcome to another airsoft review today I have here Galil SAR from cybergun so here’s the nice package of the Galil and here are some parameters which we will test in this review inside you will find high cap magazine 1100 8.

4 ni MH battery gun itself box with charger and of course the manual really nice it is sturdy heavy weight and it feels like you having a shotgun in hand let’s have a quick overview of the gun controls here we have the a cake-like fire selector switch which isn’t safe now automatic fire and single shot fire the real weapon has selector switch also on the other side on the grip but here is only imitation the magazine release is little bit different than on the a K weapons because you cannot accidentally drop it off and you can use your index finger to unlock the magazine the magazine fits in really well and does not wobble at all this gun has foldable stock it works just like on the other stocks of this kind you just press it down and move it it will lock in the in the position it’s really sturdy it does not wobble but you will have trouble selecting the fire mode so select your firing mode before folding the stock to unfold the stock again just press it down and move it it will lock into the position this gun features two kinds of sites one are designed for a longer distance and the secondary one are designed for a close quarter battle for longer distance we have a standard front sight and flippable rear sight the closed corner sights are folded just unfolded there here and at the front here the CQB sights look awesome and you will have real advantage using them in close quarters belts and here we have the charging handle which opens up the chamber and the hop-up adjustment leather this gun features who engraved markings starting with serial number here the Israeli weapon industry logo here some information here and also logo of the Israeli weapon industry on the other side with empty magazine and the battery inside this gun weighs 3.

6 kilograms the whole body of the gun and the magazine are made from metal the only plastic parts are the fore grip and the hand grip which has anti slip finish the most stressed part of the gun are made from real steel which is the forward swing holder the magazine release the stock hinge and the battery chamber cover just to show you the internals of the gun I’m not going to open it I’m just going to remove the hand grip and it will reel that it uses metal bearings which is really good and it has Type three Mack box judging from the side on the matte box this gun was manufactured by cyma to insert the battery just remove the battery cover pressing this button you will notice the cables here but you will not fit the battery in because they’re really long as you can see so it’s good to bend these cables in the middle like this now attach the battery and it’s easy to put it in so what are the pros and cons of this gun the pros are full metal sturdy body with reinforced real steel parts full engraved markings good power output and the flippable CQB sights the cons are that the fire selector switch that’s supposed to be on the hand grip it’s only imitation the inability to select fire mode while you have folded stock and because this gun is a little bit unique you will have probably trouble to get spare parts like 2nd magazine and stuff this gun is excellent for CQB battles and mill arranged panels and seeing the pros and cons of this gun I give it rating seven and a half out of ten if you want to see a review a specific gun just leave me a comment below and if the gun will be available to me I will do the review see you next time


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