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Airsoft Gun Review #11 WE Glock 19

Airsoft Gun Review #11 WE Glock 19

as in here with airsoft mastermind and EDD as well today we have a long overdue review of the weg 19 we got this about three or four months ago we just haven’t found the right time to review this but now we’re here and let’s get this done so what we have here is a lower polymer frame with a full metal slide on top we have the orange threaded tip nice and puts on put on some nice mock suppressors or some special pistol suppressors it does have very nice traits on the side all guys I’ll show you guys in a sec when I get closer the sights are very nice as well easy to look through because they’re white and easy to see at night it’s very small in the handle it’s meant for smaller hands but then again this is the 19 so it’s a more compact kind of version of the Glocks it’s very crisp you cycled slides very nice sound to it now I’m going to get closer and show you guys the trades ok so here are the trademarks on on the weapon we have the g 19 over here to the left because this is the Glock 19 we have Austria because the Glocks were made in us are are being made in Austria and the 9 x 19 because the Glock the real Glock does take the 9-millimeter and on the mag on the back we have very nice trades as well we have the different numbers over here not very sure what those are made for I think those are for how many bullets can be used but yeah this mag is also very gas efficient can take about maybe to max for every gas filling so it’s very nice and the bottom plate does come off or easier gas filling alright guys so what we’re going to do now is go outside and test-fire this baby alright guys so we’re out here and it’s pretty cold I don’t know if you can see but there’s a there’s a little snow on the ground it’s probably like 20 degrees so I don’t know how well this gas pistol will work if you saw the last review the P buyers actually very very worked very well in the cold I’m not sure about the g 19 but we’ll see first we’re going to do a kona review and see how this baby picks up put our go all those on let’s get this start 285 255 and 255 again so i don’t know if you saw those it follows a little too far away but it’s right around the range of the 250s very nice for cqb now we’re going to switch over to a target and see how well this baby does with range Wow once again surprisingly all the bullets were used so now we’re going to go back inside cuz it’s freaking cold and we’re going to review the targets alright guys so we’re back inside and here’s a target that was used a lot of shots placed efficiently on the paper and very small distance between the shops which is very good but you’re going to have a man-sized target when actually playing so it’s not going to be that big of a difference i would say about half an inch to maybe a quarter inch between most of the place shots and a very efficiently place like I said right around the center orange we have about let’s say five to six shots in there which is very nice I did have a couple misses or off the off the orange shots uh because of the wind maybe me as well and because of the small snow out there um but yeah this has been the review of the WH 19 if you want go to evite com or any other retailer and pick it up it’s about a hundred dollars I got it for a little bit as I did get a few more mags for it about 20 to 25 for each gas mag for it so yeah this has been the review of the g 19 there will be more videos coming up soon some gameplay videos actually for once and some unboxings and some more reviews so stay tuned and stop now


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