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(Airsoft) – G&P M16a4 Gameplay At Kronjylland Hardball


Me: They are down there in the even part of the midterlane, behind the pallets. Me: It’s him behind the cover, in the center. Me: He’s setting smoke out now. Me: I’m reloading. Me: What’s up there? Team: We have one there’s hiding behind the other one up there. Me: I’m not quite sure if he’s dead or.. Team: It’s the one hiding behind the enemy. Me: I see. Team: There’s two dead enemies and one behind the cover. Me Sorry! It wasn’t you i was shooting at.Team: Don’t shoot me in the back, I’m moving up. Me: Roger that. Me: He’s behind the big piece. Me: Here’s your rifle, Mikkel. Team: Medic! Team: Blue medic! Me: We got one in the… Team: There’s two in the center. Team: Blue medic! Team: Blue medic! Team: Nicklas? Me: Yes? Team: Can’t you shoot him in the middle? Me: Yes, I have just shot one of them. Me: Are they two again? Team: Yes! Me: Roger that, I can’t see him right now. Me: Mikkel, I’m pushing left. Team: He sits in the back. Me: I got one! Team: In the middle? Me: Yes.Team: Are they both down? Me: Yes, if the enemy to the right, still have his hand up. Game Marshall: Remember to tag each other in, from shoulder and up! Team: Nicklas? Me: Yes? Team: Do you have eyes on the swamp? Me: I can only see this part. Team: Are there friendlies? Me: We have movement down there, they’re moving up, so it must be allies. Me: We have a enemy in the middle again. Team: He’s dead. Me: Good job. Me: We got one to the left now! Team: We’re moving right! Team: Tag the enemies out. Team: We’re shall over to the teammate. Team: Cover me! Team: Watch out to the right. Me: On the right side of the cover? Team: Yes. Team: Guys! Let’s move! Move!! Me: Move! Me: It was a teammate. .


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