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(Airsoft) Goblin deuce (FR)

(Airsoft) Goblin deuce (FR)

hi everyone today i’m happy to introduce the goblin 2 so for those who do not know it is a grenade launcher with double barrel and this one this is the imitation wood version so I immediately started the small presentation with the characteristics of course and we will spend then to the shooting tests to start this replica works with cartridges propelling the equivalent of 20 24 bis therefore running on gas or co2 of course I will come back to this later on the cartridges I am very important then this this replica and a power of 0.

7 joule or 230 ps I think it weighs 370 grams measures 20 cm and it is composed of methane and aida then drop the metal parts it will be as usual and fortunately all long term the trigger and I think that’s the whole bullet the bsa press with the rest all the buttons the barrels and especially limitation wood is it yes it’s a mutation it’s not the real way sir otherwise that would not have been the same thing not the same price in any case here it is now I will show you all the buttons that may be on this replica for start the security that’s here so there we’re safe and here we can shoot then we have here so when we are going to shoot the small room we will be able to lower the two barrels to access the cartridges and the last one is the sector withdraws high position we will be able to shoot we will be able to shoot the first cartridge this one so when we attract and you see there is a small pinion that goes come forward to hit the cartridge and then when we put in low position it’s the two small gears them it’s the two gears which will go which will come out and which they will be able to go type both cartridges so it’s very simple if you want fired one cartridge at a time high position we pull low border position if you want to swing all the balls at the same time so from the two cartridges you put low position is removed finished so excuse me i hope you understood me so i continue expulsions the cartridges as I dgdi we can send the equivalent of 24 bis with the two cartridges and therefore if not for a cartridge it is divided by two so we sent 12 bis per cartridge then the cartridge I showed you on the cartridge the cartridge composed of two in two parts the part where we will put the gas or leo the co2 which is called the striker and the other piece is where we want to put the 12 bis in the four in the four compartments and i show you sap made a allin i will not show you with the co2 will not do the test with because because because because it takes a co2 adapter to send the co2 suddenly in when we are called whose the firing pin masks at the base even though the firing pins are mainly used for gas so for co2 you need an adapter that I don’t have so suddenly I will show you that with gas so we fill the striker with gas like this then we put the other part back on the meter I take a small box and there we will be able to put the 12 bis then suddenly like 4 4 compartments a bit hassle a bit like there are four compartments we can put three tickets on the other hand I’m trying to be quick here you can go with a baby the smell before to go faster but I didn’t think we had it so like these is then when you have finished filling everything we was your two cartridges in the in the in the guns and then you yourself are ready to shoot ok so i showed you all working all it needed make it work well so it work well now i will show you the accessories that binds to with the goblin so the pack which therefore in the pack I arrived in the pack we will find hit the cue the two co2 gas strikers with also four cards to the four envelopes for the beads is also a holster so a pocket for the white a mystery because you can hang it on a belt good well here I am finished with the presentation and them and I wish you a good continuation for the shooting test


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