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Airsoft girl: [REVIEW: Tactical universal clip]


Hi friends of Youtube i’m Nicole today i’m gonna make a review video of the TACTICAL UNIVERSAL CLIP reload demostration fist, I want to thank you to TUC for sending one of its products the TUC provides the operator more freedom and movement Allows the operator to quickly engage of the replica also, the design allows rotate the replica for versatility and free movement on the clip allows the operator quickly acces to another replica what more emphasize the TUCis that the replica does not weigh in the neck sometimes, when you use sling, it could be easily the sling entangled, which does not allows you a quickly acces to the replica the TUC allows the operatos shooting from it i have the TUC sine 1 month ago it arrives directly from USA to prove it it’s very comfortable I’ve never used sling because it’s long to me and makes the replica hit the body i think that the TUC is the evolution of the sling it have two parts: a chest plate that attaches to Molle vest It has velcro which makes its installation is very simple the second part: a clip that is attached to the buffer tube of the replica It includes an allen crew It seems uncomfortable but does not interrupt the movements in the game I hope you find this review video useful don’t forget going to the page of TUC: they have shipping worldwide dont forget give “like” to this video, and let me know your question in the comments bye


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