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[Airsoft-girl]: my Loadout || English sub

[Airsoft-girl]: my Loadout || English sub

hi friends of youtube, i’m nicole and here is a new video talking about my loadout many of you have asked me and i hope you like it first: i use a combat shirt aor1 national apparel and Digital desert pants the reason is because i’m girl so the clothes are too big for me so.

. I take my clothes to a dressmaker for long games where i’ll need coat i use my Rasputin windbreaker sponsored by Kustom Tac it’s made in breathable nylon very Lightweight and genuine U.S. made materials Jacket can be packed into an internal pocket making it extremely portable and easy to pack especially for milsim or long lasting games don’t forget visit the KustomTac’s page (Chile) i use a Blackhawk belt Tan color and a safety lanyard Flyye my vest is a NJPC TMC brand Aor1 and a blowout pouch Dragon industries Fast helmet with emerson cover aor1 and steelpro protective glasses as extra protection in CQB games i use a mesh mask and a gopro 4 session to record if you like the video please subscribe, share and like <3 also you can leave in a comments with your questions greetings thanks to:


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