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Airsoft GI Uncut – Customer Profile with Oliver

Airsoft GI Uncut – Customer Profile with Oliver

hey what’s up g ITV uncut I’m Daniel and this is Oliver we’re doing another customer profile today and Oliver’s one of our very faithful regulars he’s in the store almost more than I am so Oliver why don’t you tell us a little bit about some of the guns you use all right well first I’ll start off with my Jean jarmons gr 15 I was inspired to make this gun baseball act of Valor lieutenant worldcruise has gone in a very similar loadout have here a laser peck box on the top very operational like a lie and a GG Armand’s laser with a clicker which I like a lot cuz I’m a big fan of clickers and then there’s this replica eotech that also used as well and then also along with a vertical grip and that’s pretty much it for this gun and I names are Alex by the way because it’s technically she isn’t a or 15 but G&G armies refers to as a geo thing that I’m like okay why not and then next up is my lovely pistol this is a kwa USP tactical I have equipped with a with a ncstar rail adapter and also cool the about that a lot you guys can notice is that it has a silencer but cooley about this silencer is that it actually has an inner barrel so where this pistol usually has like 3 15 FPS put this barrel on it and then the fact that’s an inner bearable as well raised up to 380 awesome that’s really cool it is a very good especially if you won’t go long-distance this is the perfect weapon to use nice too bad you can’t put a scope on it really but i’ll be awesome yeah definitely and so tell us where you got that mock suppressor from i believe something we did carry yeah actually I here although I end up I remember I had to buy a non blowback pistol it looks a lot like the USB I just wish I remember the name of it but it pretty much comes with the sound sir yeah and it was also thanks to you want your floor guys uh Brian gonna have Randy he actually showed me this I then asked him I want that and then I was like okay but you got by this non blowback but it’s like hey you’re only paying like 42 bucks so you’re free pay for this answer and plus you get extra little gun in the end yeah okay why not so everything yeah I believe the pistol that we’re talking about is the ym p YP 23 non blowback piss on it so it comes with a non blowback pistol and at Mach suppressor and the nice thing about it it is 16 millimeter threading that actually works with the kW thanks ok death race on there and the best part by for those of you to remember Tim’s a video on the tactical that the sides are actually a little higher yeah then have the full size so I actually was perfect with a silencer on it so you it will not impede your aiming at all awesome and then I know you carry one more weapon with you oh yeah this thing is going alright guy really work on that rig but ah ok you prima see it right here this is a king arms sawed off m79 grenade launcher reason why I bought this is say I ever go to a Milsom game this would be perfect to you guys again armored vehicle especially cuz this thing I know could put rocket rounds in there so say i got people coming in it’s like Oh what I do take out but hopefully fix up the rig so it comes off a lot easier and then was a boom knock out the army very cool very cool now moving out of the gear when he tells the gear that you have set up and why you would with this specific setup well this kiram this is believe it or not it’s all Condor the best the kneepads the gloves even the holster for my USP which is a universal holster and then I also have this drop leg rig both I rigged with a utility pouch okay all Condor and the reason why i went with Condor is kind of you know it’s very affordable but yeah it’s still reliable I know there’s other brands 12 but it’s like you know Condor was around when I need a date so as I alright cool definitely and how many bad as he looks like you run 6 managers up I used to run a test ones but then after every game I went to I always end up using like two mags at most maybe 3 with the additional one it’s already in the gun so you gotta scale back yeah well it’s like I still have the extra pouches in case I ever need more ammo it’s like hey just slap them on and all good to go perfect sounds good so last question I’ll ask you is what is the style of airsoft aeg play d play indoor or fast-paced cqb or is it more kind of outdoors long-range what do you prefer um either ones fine by prefer outdoors in because you know i’m with the environment it feels more realistic was like when you’re in an indoor place it’s like it’s all concrete yeah don’t get me wrong I love it indoor plays are very fun to go through like tax cities all subways I’d love to go to a lot fact for something but there um I had a lot of fun yeah unfortunately though I could get use Alice here because their FBS was little to mine but now she’s very big event less than I went to tech city and I got to use or finding and I’m really happy very cool are all over thank you very much for coming in and bringing it all your gear I’m a problem guys if you like these videos we’re going to try to bring back customer profiles and do them a little bit more awesome if you are interested in actually doing one yourself come in the star one day and asked for me and i’ll talk to you and we’ll see if we can set something up so definitely come in and we’ll try to keep these videos coming from you guys otherwise this is all her I’m Daniel this is gie TV uncut guys ah


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