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Airsoft Ghost | Sniper Gameplay | Canadian Sniper


Hello everybody and welcome to my first milsim highlights video In this milsim called operation Shanty I was part of a two man sniper team whose main objective was to eliminate scouting parties that were trying to find VIPs Most of our game however consisted of our second objective To radio to our commander the positions of enemies, enemy respawns and different things happening in the game Although we were performing mostly reconnaissance, me and Brad did have some interactions with the enemy team Those interactions were mostly us being super stealthy I hope you guys enjoy it.And if you guys want to see more remember to leave a like and a sub Otherwise, enjoy the video Dayton: Red is moving back across the bridge While creeping through a river bank, me and Brad come up upon our first contact A group of three people moving along with two VIPs Brad: I’m hit! Before Brad was taken out, he took out two of the three opponents They don’t know I’m here though so I decided my best oportunity to take out the third man Was to wait for him to come revive his two teammates Guy: Hit Guy: Dayton, you sexy motherfucker The safest thing for me to do next was to get my support gunner back online So I went to go revive Brad Brad: I’m very rusty Dayton: It worked Brad: I know but my job is to make sure you stay alive Dayton: Well then you should stop dying. Do you have your tourniquet on you? Brad: I’ll give it to you this time Brad: That was cool, that was really fucking good After taking a bit of a water break and enjoying the view we decided to move in on our VIP targets to find out what they held Dayton: I didn’t want them to turn around Dayton: Can we cross here do you think? We spotted a group of four VIPs and set up an ambush for them when they decided to come back Dayton: Watch your head, watch your head We onlyend up capturing one VIP but he decides to help us find some more information We meet up with his friends and they lead us to the other side of the field where they say they’ve hidden some intellegence Whilde the VIPs go into the forest to aquire more intellegence Me and Brad setup in a house, unfortunately for us an enemy patrol stumbles upon our position Guy in front: HIT! Guy offscreen: Hit! Brad: We are ninjas Brad: Evening gentlemen Dayton: Afternoon After taking out the scouts we were able to meet back up with the VIPs and get the intel that they had aquired from the forest Dayton: So you got two? Guy: I got two
Dayton: Beautiful, got two Dayton: Ok, we’ll regroup with you guys in a bit to make some Dayton: To make some stuff happen After droping the intel off with Poi the reconnaissance division’s job was done Brad: You would not believe the day we’ve been having Dayton: Oh man Poi: Ok, work your way up towards casiremaps Dayton: Sounds good Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed watching the reconnaissance side of doing a milsim There’s not a ton of action so I tried to put as much as I could into one video Anyway, I’d like to give thanks to Poi for being the commander of this game, he didn’t get to run out and a lot of stuff, but man did he organize a team I appreciate you guys and we’ll see you on the next one Dayton: Hey Buuudy Dayton: Take a knee


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