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Airsoft GHK G5 accuracy test!

Airsoft GHK G5 accuracy test!

okay my name is Doug [ __ ] okay my name is Douglas Thompson I’d be doing it a little bit of a accuracy comparison test let me shut this door my shop is a mess as you can see stuff everywhere um I’ve been working a lot of stuff anyway so we’re gonna be doing a accuracy test against uh the very two extremes of the airsoft ammunition world we’re be going point one to s so or 12’s as most people know them against point four threes these are like point one to slide from Walmart they’re the dirt cheapest lowest quality’s lowest quality is lowest quality most lowest most low quality ammo available and these are actually a made by Crossman as well which do not have a good name in the airsoft industry but they’re actually um well you’ll see anyway these are point four threes and they’re black so you cannot see them which is great for some applications this is the ghk g5 as I mentioned before I think I hope I mentioned it because I love this gun it is not modified in any way internally it’s all external attachments or whatnot and these are both the ghk g5 magazines so we’re using a propane just like some regular Coleman from Walmart nothing special and the temperature outside is going to be I don’t know what it is but it was just raining a little while ago so it’s wet outside colder temperatures and whatever little piece of information can I offer here can be shooting roughly 20-something rounds for each and what type I’m not going to be doing a thorough sort of review because it’s going to be like night and day but I don’t have any point twos to show I know that 0.

12 is are not industry standard but I do not have any point to so I just figured I would do a comparison between the least heavy and the very heaviest ammo to show you a clear difference so yeah so let’s get to it I’m going to show you the target we’ll bring our gun and we’ll do with first-person shooter style open the door first-person shooter style I’m actually walking just moving this thing I would be shooting this bottle here it’s a small relatively small bottle and this is what it sounds like so here it’s on a level plane from where I’m shooting or pretty level this is about 70 feet away not too far but there’s CQB distances and that’s what this gun is a CQB gun we’ll be shooting from here this little mini shooter perch I put together as in just put these pieces of wood over here I’m gonna put this little pot area so it’s pretty good distance away we shall see we got here so we’ll start off with a point point one please really slippery okay this should be a dismal oh this is a pretty good reason why you should never buys em oh I think I’ve only hit it once the rest of them have been ricochets okay that’s all there is for that and I’m glad for that luckily I only paid for ten thousand of those they hop up on this gun is completely turned off by the way so there’s none of that interfering these are the point four threes okay so I hope that was a good a good example of a why you should go heavy and especially if you want that weight transfer you want to go over anything else with a gun I had mentioned before these are the ghk g5 magazines specifically built for this gun it does actually take other magazines as well like the G MVP mag if you modify it a little bit but I wanted to give you a fair comparison with the the two that’s actually built for okay so that’s been my video if you have any questions or just general comments feel free to let me know thank you


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